The Plastic Impact Alliance is now 96 brands strong. Will you join?

This collaborative movement is gaining huge momentum, and we've got the resources you need to reduce your footprint at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.
Plastic Impact Alliance members as of April 26, 2019

Plastic Impact Alliance members as of April 26, 2019

Last year, the Super Bowl, one of the largest events in the country with more than 100,000 attendees, sought to keep 90 percent of waste out of landfills and send 10 percent to a waste-to-energy plant. Due to its magnitude, some were skeptical. But they pulled it off.

Now, it's our chance. That's why we created the Plastic Impact Alliance.

Together as an industry, let's make it our goal to throw away as little as possible at our next biggest gathering—Outdoor Retailer Summer Market—and be the most sustainable we've ever been at a trade show.

As of today, 96 brands have united with us to form the Plastic Impact Alliance and commit to rejecting single-use plastic at the trade show. We're putting together a tool kit with resources about hosting water stations and eco-friendly happy hours, working with Emerald Expositions and the event center, and social media activation

A slew of PR companies have signed on as well, and we're also welcoming specialty outdoor retailers and outdoor media companies to join The Alliance. 

By joining the Plastic Impact Alliance, you agree to:

1. Sign our Plastic Impact Promise and share it with your employees and personal network. By signing, you promise to bring your personal drinking vessel to the show and reject single-use plastic. More names = more power to effect change.

2. If you are an exhibitor, host a water station at your booth. Do not bring in plastic bottles.

3. If you are a PR company or media company, write about the Alliance and help us promote the cause and the Promise.

4. Provide reusable bottles/cups at any beverage-related events at your booth. If your company is a reusable bottle manufacturer, donate 100 bottles to The Alliance. We’ll distribute them to anyone who signs the pledge on the show floor.

5. Allow us to use your logo in the marketing and education of this initiative. 

This is an inclusive collaboration and we invite every exhibiting brand to join. If you support this mission and want to join The Alliance or have any questions, please let us know at