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Man steps on the Superfeet FitStation at Go Far in Boulder, Colorado

Are robots invading specialty outdoor retail?

The newest store associate at Boulder, Colorado’s Go Far posts up near the wall of shoes on the store’s far end. Her job description at the running and active lifestyle specialty retailer is fairly specific: She’ll measure and analyze your foot, track your stride and gait, and ...read more

Man walks off ladder leading to Roofnest

Sleep on top of your car in style

Elevator Pitches are written by the company and edited for space and clarity. They do not express the opinions of SNEWS or its editors.Ride the elevator with Tim Nickles, founder and CEO of Roofnest.Roofnest started on a road trip to Moab with a big group of friends getting ...read more

Prayer flags on Mt. Everest

The highs and lows of Everest 2018

For more than a decade, Alan Arnette and The Himalayan Times have documented the daily comings and goings on Mt. Everest, from Kathmandu to Summit Day and down the mountain. For those of us who aren't stationed there and don't have loved ones attempting ascents, it can seem ...read more