Post a Press Release

There are now two ways to post a Press Release on SNEWS!

If you are a subscribing member to SNEWS, you may log into your account here, and follow these instructions to post your Press Release within our system. This full control will allow you to post quickly, and schedule for release at any time. 

If you are not yet a subscribing Member to SNEWS, you can easily become one here!

If you’re not ready to be a full subscriber, and still want to post your Press Release, you can use our new A La Carte system option here. Once you have paid the individual posting, send your Press Release to our team, and we will get it posted and back to you for review before posting live. If this press release is embargoed at the time you’re submitting, please clearly indicate that. 

Once your Press Release is live, share your press release on social media directly from our site. This will give the maximum ROI on your release for you and your clients. Don’t forget to tag @SNEWS for even more exposure. 

Contact Stephen Sebestyen for questions at [email protected]