GoLite, relaunched in 2018 under new ownership and leadership, is an outdoor apparel company with a deep commitment to sustainability and humanitarianism.

GoLite’s mission statement: To create performance, earth-friendly products for the good of the people and our planet.

GoLite black jacket with logo

In its second life, GoLite's management team is based in Seattle, Washington. The company produces active lifestyle and technical outdoor apparel such as tees, tanks, pants, leggings, jackets, vests, and shells.

One of the pillars of the new GoLite is its GoResponsibly™ commitment to utilizing the latest sustainable fibers, finishes and manufacturing processes throughout the line, while simultaneously working to develop new solutions. More than 80 percent of the initial GoLite line is developed from the latest recycled fibers and processes. 

In partnership with the largest recycling plant in Taiwan, Tzu Chi, GoLite's flagship product, is the Re-Green Jacket. Made from harvesting and recycling the mostly undesirable green bottles, GoLite is able to make a technical jacket that does not use dye, thereby reducing  water consumption by up to 80 percent, 

Another key aspect of GoLite is its GoAid™ initiative, which was born from the inspiration to integrate humanitarian initiatives directly into the business model. Before GoLite even sold a single shirt, it designed, produced and delivered more than 12,000 technical uniform pieces to humanitarian aid workers in Uganda. 

Originally founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 1998 by husband and wife team of Demetri "Coup" and Kim Coupounas, the company was known as an innovator and one of the forefathers of the ultralight backpacking movement. After 16 years in business, the company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and liquidated. The founders now operate a direct sales company Called My Trail Co. selling many of GoLite's previous best-sellers.