As an industry, we all embrace the notion of sustainability in a million small ways each day. But what are we really doing to lesson our impact on the planet?

During a recent listening tour with brick and mortar specialty retail shops, GoLite Brand Manager Josh Clifford heard one thing loud and clear: Vendors need to do a better job with packaging and shipping materials. Retailers cited all sorts of frustrations, from excessive hangtags to impossible to recycle polybags to oversized, half-empty boxes.

Integral to the GoLite brand is its commitment to utilizing the latest sustainable fibers, finishes and manufacturing processes throughout the line, while simultaneously working to develop new solutions. Core earth-friendly launch collections include the GoLite Re and ReGreen assortments made with Tzu Chi-certified PET. More than 80 percent of the introductory GoLite product line is developed from environmentally preferred, recycled and low energy production materials and processes. The brand is firmly committed to improving upon these percentages each and every season.

two runners wearing GoLite reGreen Windshell

Complete our survey and have the chance to win GoLite's ReGreen Windshell.

Please take our short (less than 5 minutes) survey to help us understand the biggest challenges you face as retailer trying to operate a sustainable and environmentally responsible business. We also want to hear about the biggest vendor heroes (and the biggest villains) in terms of packaging.

If you complete the survey, you’ll be entered to win  GoLite's new ReGreen Windshell, which is made from 20 recycled green bottles and weighs only 1.6 ounces.

Deadline: Midnight on October 31, 2018

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GoLite GoResponsibly bales of recycled bottles

50 shades of green

She cradles a plastic bottle in her hands like it’s a precious living thing. Her gloved hand turns the bottle over so she can inspect it. Then, with lightning precision her other hand raises a set of clippers, and she removes the colored plastic ring from the bottle’s neck. With more