What is the Paywall Subscription?

The Paywall Subscription provides access to member-exclusive digital content. With a subscription, you gain unlimited access to all content on the site.

What are Tempest and Say Media?

Tempest is the content management system (CMS) SNEWS uses to run this website. It was created and is managed by Say Media.

Why do I need to log in with Facebook?

Facebook login is extremely secure, and we use it for two main reasons: First, to keep your SNEWS account information secure and private, so that no one else can get into your account. Second, you won't have to create a new user name or password when you log in to the SNEWS site. 

How safe is my Facebook account if I log into the SNEWS site with it? Will you see my Facebook page or any of my private data?

We will not see any of your private information. When you use Facebook to login to the SNEWS site, the Facebook app only has access to a limited amount of information. We only ask that you share your public profile (your name and image) and email address. Your public profile is already public, so there is no privacy loss. We do not see or have access to your friends, shared photos or posts, or your like/comment activity on Facebook.

What if I don’t use Facebook?

We strongly encourage retailers, wholesalers, individuals and media to create a Facebook profile. Please note the account does not need to relinquish any personal information. SNEWS will not be using your account for any purpose other than streamlining the sign-in process.

To create a Facebook account:

1. Go to www.facebook.com/r.php

2. Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.

3. Click Sign Up.

4. To finish creating your account, you'll need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.

For additional Facebook support: https://www.facebook.com/help/basics

How is my email address used?

Your email address is used for communication related to features and offerings of the Paywall service. We will never sell or provide your email address to third-parties.

What if I don't want the email address I use for Facebook to be connected with my SNEWS account, which I use for work?

The perk of the SNEWS Tempest system is that you can update your email address on the SNEWS site after you have synced your Facebook login with your SNEWS account for the first time. After you've logged in for the first time, you can change your email address in your account. For instance, if you only want to receive correspondence from and about SNEWS at your work email address, you do not have to change your email on the Facebook side. Instead, you can update your preferred contact info here, in your account settings

Is my old subscription no longer valid?

Your previous SNEWS subscription is absolutely valid. Once you register through Facebook, our team will be notified that you have migrated over to the new SNEWS site. 

Where will I get my ORD issues?

All new and past ORD issues are listed in the drop down menu on the new website. To find an issue click on Trade Show in the top navigation bar. Then proceed to the drop-down arrow and click on Outdoor Retailer.

How much does SNEWS cost?

Individual subscription: $25 per month or $210 per year

Group subscription: $140 per year for each of three or more people

Corporate: $2,600 per year for an unlimited number of seats

How do you handle credit card information?

We use Stripe to process credit card payments. Your information is securely transmitted to Stripe and stored only in their systems. You can read more about Stripe’s security practices here.

How do I change my subscription type?

You can edit your subscription type in your account settings. If you select a different subscription type the change will take effect on your next billing cycle.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in your account settings. Edit your subscription type and select “Cancel subscription.” If you cancel your subscription during a free trial, your subscription will be deactivated immediately. Any remaining time in your free trial will still be available if you activate your subscription in your account settings. If you cancel your subscription after the free trial it will no longer automatically renew each billing period. Once the current billing period runs out you will no longer have access to paywalled content. You can re-subscribe at any time from your account settings.

How do I delete my account?

To request that we delete your account information please email support@tempestpremium.com from your contact email address and request account deletion. If you have an active subscription it will be cancelled. You will be notified once all of your information has been deleted from our systems.

How can I ask a different question?

If your question hasn’t been answered here you can contact us at support@tempestpremium.com.