Single-use plastic awareness and avoidance was a huge theme at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market last June. And, thanks to brands, attendees, and show management committing to the cause, there was a noticeable reduction of plastic on the show floor, plus lots more water stations where show-goers could refill their reusable drinking vessels.

Plastic Impact Alliance logo--black, red, white

Join the Plastic Impact Alliance today!

Let’s keep the momentum going: We’re inviting all snow sports brands, retailers, and companies to join the Plastic Impact Alliance, a consortium of 250 outdoor companies committed to reducing their single-use plastic consumption.

“Of the 8,300 million metric tons of virgin plastic produced to-date, 79 percent has accumulated in landfills or our natural environment. As an industry that depends on healthy and stable natural ecosystems, addressing single-use plastics is an issue we absolutely have to address," says Nick Sargent, president of Snowsports Industries America (SIA).

"We know that collectively, we have the capability to force change. SIA is committed to a sustainable future and uniting our industry to lead this change, so we’re looking forward to joining the Plastic Impact Alliance to help make the 2020 Outdoor + Snow Show single-use plastic-free; to lead by example and adopt proven alternatives that will protect our planet for the next generation.” 

Joining is a no-brainer and just entails the following simple steps:

  1. Sign our Plastic Impact Promise and share it with your employees and personal network. By signing, you promise to bring your personal drinking vessel to future Outdoor Retailer shows and reject single-use plastic.
  2. If you’re an exhibitor, host a water station at your booth. Do not bring in plastic bottles and provide reusable bottles/cups at any beverage-related events at your booth.

  3. If you’re a PR company or media company, write about the Alliance and help us promote the cause and the Promise.

  4. Allow us to use your logo in the marketing and education of this initiative.