Want Healthier Shoulders? Crossover Symmetry Selects SMACK! Media to Help Shoulder the Marketing and Launch of their 3rd Generation System


Crossover Symmetry, a leading medically designed shoulder system, partners with SMACK! Media to further growth and education on the importance of shoulder foundation and health

(Denver, CO – September 20, 2016) – Crossover Symmetry, a leading evidence based shoulder health and performance system, has chosen SMACK! Media to help shoulder strategic marketing initiatives, partnerships, and public relations efforts. Through this partnership, SMACK! Media will help Crossover Symmetry drive awareness and education about their 3rd Generation System that uses the latest research available on shoulder health to help relieve pain, prevent injury, and enhance performance.

Over 15 million visits to U.S. doctors' offices in 2012 were related to shoulder issues, and that number continues to climb. A proper warm-up can increase the blood flow to the working muscles which results in decreased muscle stiffness, less risk of injury, and improved performance through enhanced muscle firing. This is where Crossover Symmetry has filled the gap as one of only two Arm Care Programs in existence that promotes the importance of activation.

“The Crossover Symmetry System is designed to train movement patterns, not isolated muscle groups,” said Duggan Moran, President and Owner of Crossover Symmetry. “Strength certainly does increase with Crossover Symmetry, but the primary focus is developing the coordination among muscle groups to accomplish more complex movement tasks, such as throwing a baseball, swimming, Olympic lifting, or gymnastics. We target common deficiencies and muscle imbalances to improve neuromuscular coordination thereby enhancing athletic performance.”

Crossover Symmetry targets dysfunctional movement, which is the root cause of most shoulder pain. The 5 medically designed programs improve stability, mobility and motor control of the shoulder complex to enhance shoulder function, and take only minutes to do. The evidenced-based approach can cure almost every shoulder condition responsible for pain, and are validated by some of the best athletes and trainers in the world that are affiliated with the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, CrossFit, and over 75% of major NCAA Division I Universities.

“It is amazing how many exercise programs and treatment plans continue to be applied without consideration for both short and long term outcomes,” said Matt Unthank, Director of Sales and Training at Crossover Symmetry. “While we work hard to stay up to date with the latest shoulder research, we also continually step back and re-evaluate outcomes in order to drive developments towards an even better system for ending shoulder pain and improving performance.”

“As athletes and competitive junkies ourselves, we were already using Crossover Symmetry in our workout routines,” said Elisette Carlson, Founder of SMACK! Media. “Sara, our Olympic rower on the SMACK! team, specifically had significant shoulder discomfort and within two months, was fully healed using Crossover Symmetry. We are proud to partner with another authentic company that delivers high quality and products to help athletes succeed. “

About Crossover Symmetry

Crossover Symmetry is an evidence based shoulder health and performance system, located in Denver, CO. Developed by top sports physical therapists, athletes and coaches, the programs are designed to facilitate safe and efficient shoulder mechanics in order to eliminate pain, reduce the risk of injury and optimize performance. They target common deficiencies and muscle imbalances to improve the neuromuscular coordination thereby enhancing athletic performance. Crossover Symmetry is available at http://www.crossoversymmetry.com with packages for individuals, teams, and facilities, each provided with multiple strength and resistance options.

About SMACK! Media

SMACK! Media is a boutique Strategic Marketing, Branding and Public Relation(ship)s® agency that develops effective multi-dimensional brand strategy, creative development, public relations and social media campaigns, with a pinpoint focus on the sports, health, fitness and nutrition markets. Our approach is grounded in inspiring and clear communication, strong relationships and a passion for execution. Make your brand stand out, give it a little SMACK! For more info, or to read about our services, visit: http://www.smackmedia.com

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