SKHOOP Launches New Website in Conjunction With Fall/Winter 2016 Collection


ANCHORAGE, AK – SKHOOP, the original insulated skirt company, is proud to introduce its redesigned website featuring the new fall/winter 2016 collection of insulated skirts, jackets and accessories for women and girls. With an emphasis on staying warmer for longer outdoors, the new SKHOOP line is feminine and functional, designed by women for women, to be worn for every outdoor activity imaginable: from walking the dog to snowshoeing a trail to riding a bike.

SKHOOP has come a long way since founder Sissi Kewenter designed the Original Skirt in Åre, Sweden, in 1999. Women loved the practical concept of the insulated skirt and SKHOOP quickly became a trendsetter in women’s outdoor apparel. The line has evolved over the years with the addition of various length skirts using different fabrics and insulation, technical and lifestyle jackets and vests, socks and other accessories, and their products are now sold in both Europe and North America.

The 2016 collection marks a few firsts for SKHOOP, including the industry’s first ever skirt made with GORE® (Supreme GORE® THERMIUM™ Skirt), the company’s first Stretch Fleece mid-layer collection, and the company’s first mini sock that compliments their popular knee socks. The redesigned website will also include the new “SKHOOP Outdoors” page, which will feature a monthly outing by the SKHOOP girls that highlights three pieces of gear that worked seamlessly with the selected activity, including one SKHOOP product and two products from other complimentary brands. In addition, SKHOOP athletes will be highlighted on the new page, featuring photos and anecdotes of their favorite SKHOOP pieces. Visit the new SKHOOP website at


SKHOOP is a Swedish outdoor company founded in 1999 that designs and produces clothes and accessories for women and girls. Sissi Kewenter invented the Original Skirt in connection with the creation of the brand. The collection has expanded, currently including many different models of insulated cover skirts, down coats, merino products and accessories. All of the product design and development takes place in Åre, Sweden, and the garments are always rigorously tested in our forests and on our mountains. To date, SKHOOP is sold in many European and North American countries, including 34 states in the U.S. and six provinces in Canada.