New Optimus Polaris Stove Offers Unparalleled Versatility in Fuel Options


Polaris introduces single-jet technology for nearly all fuels; Elektra FE offers ultimate lightweight, all-in-one camping system.

Minneapolis, Minn. – Innovation comes from experience, and Optimus has more than a century of field experience from which to launch its two newest backcountry stoves: The Polaris Optifuel offers the ability to burn the widest range of fuel types without the need to change out any parts, and the Electra FE sets the bar in versatility among lightweight backcountry cooking systems.

Polaris with gas canister 4 season mode lighted

Polaris Optifuel Stove (above) – Staying true to the simplicity and innovation synonymous with the Optimus name, the new Polaris Optifuel achieves unparalleled versatility in a lightweight backcountry stove. It seamlessly switches between virtually any fuel type – canister gas, liquid canister gas, white gas, diesel unleaded fuel, kerosene or jet fuel – without the need to change anything on the stove. This single-jet technology is an industry first with this level of compatibility. A durable aluminum EZ quick connect enhances safety and ease of use for campers. With the ability to flip a canister upside down in cold conditions, the Polaris is the only optifuel stove with integrated 4-season capability. Unlike any other stove in its category, the Polaris also features the magic cleaning needle, which allows the stove to clean its jet while cooking. It packs down to a very compact package for transport, and it’s light – 17 ounces with the pump and 12 ounces without.

8018921_Elektra FE_with Terra Weekend and Windshield_original

Elektra FE Cook System (above) – With ‘fuel-efficient’ in its name, the Elektra FE Cook System is the ultimate lightweight camp stove with high-powered cooking output. It’s also extremely versatile. 

The modular system can be stripped down or used more fully featured, depending on the needs of a particular trip. It will also simmer, which is not a feature of many of the ultra-lightweight stoves in the same category. The Elektra FE weighing

16.5 ounces, combines the ultralight Crux Lite gas stove, a heat exchange pot with a lid, a clip-on windshield to reliably reduce gas consumption and boil time, and the Piezo ignitor. All parts nest together to create a compact package in a backpack. The stove yields an average boil time of about three minutes per liter and, depending on conditions, can boil 0.8L as quickly as 2.3 minutes. A heat exchanger reduces boil time and fuel use, while a wide, powerful burner head disperses heat evenly in order to prevent burning hotspots. All parts are interchangeable with other Optimus systems and products. The Elektra FE maintains a burn time of up to 90 minutes at high output. $94.95.

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