The New Primal Launches New Paleo-Friendly Recipe at Natural Products Expo East


Charleston, SC – The New Primal, makers of the cleanest, most responsibly sourced meat snacks on the market - have announced a new soy free, Paleo-friendly recipe, which will be phased into retail beginning this month. All of The New Primal’s products will be updated with this recipe, which is set to debut in Baltimore, MD at Natural Products Expo East. 

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With the arrival of their new recipe, The New Primal continues to reinforce their mission to challenge conventional dietary guidelines, and support sustainable and humane agriculture, all while expanding into new markets. “We want to continue to provide the absolute highest quality meat snack in the industry - for everyone. This new recipe allows us to reach further into the consumer market, and provide our products to niche food audiences,” says The New Primal founder Jason Burke. “By making all of our products allergen free and Paleo-friendly, we’re unveiling our brand to a dedicated group of consumers with strict dietary guidelines.” 

The New Primal’s new recipe will eliminate the use of Tamari (made from fermented soy), and replace that ingredient with coconut amino, making all of their products free of ingredients that do not align with the Paleo diet. The New Primal will continue to source beef and turkey that is 100% free of GMO’s/GMO runoff, gluten, and added hormones or antibiotics. 

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Look for The New Primal in over 4,000 locations across the nation, including REI, Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, and many independent outdoor/natural foods retailers throughout the country.

About The New Primal

As a pioneer in grass-fed jerky snacks, The New Primal brings a fresh approach to an old favorite. While The New Primal begins with jerky, our core mission extends to an entire way of life that emphasizes simplifying and fueling world adventures wherever they may take you. The New Primal movement encourages you to escape the modern stresses of life and fuel your vessel with the highest quality food. We strive to break the mold of an industry that has largely become lethargic and stale. A once healthy, portable protein, has been compromised with chemical preservatives, unhealthy amounts of sodium and sugar, all while being sourced from hormone and antibiotic injected feedlot cows. But with The New Primal, you will feel confident in knowing that you’re consuming honest food from humanely & pastorally raised, free-range, animals without the use of hormones or antibiotics that are gluten-free, minimally processed, and made with integrity. “You are what you eat, choose wisely.”

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