GU Energy Labs Rolls Out Vanilla Cream Recovery Drink Mix


The reward for working out just got a little sweeter, as GU Energy Labs introduced Vanilla Cream Recovery Drink Mix to its complete line of athlete tested performance nutrition for hydration, energy, and recovery. Vanilla Cream joins Chocolate Smoothie to round out GU’s incredibly tasty and effective Recovery Drinks.

Created for athletes to refuel after demanding activities, GU Recovery Dink Mix delivers 30g of rapidly-absorbed carbohydrate in the form of dextrose to restore muscle glycogen and 10g of energy-dense whey protein isolate to rebuild muscle tissue. The new formula is fortified with three additional amino acids to activate pathways that promote protein synthesis and inhibit protein degradation. 1000mg of leucine, an essential branched chain amino acid, provides the building blocks needed to produce new proteins and plays a critical role in initiating the protein synthesis process and decreasing muscle soreness. 1400mg of arginine increases vasodilation and improves blood flow, and 2800mg of glutamine promotes proper immune function that can be compromised during increased training loads.

“Timing nutrient intake is everything when it comes to what athletes eat after a workout. Vanilla Cream Recovery Drink Mix is an efficient way of replenishing your body with protein, carbohydrates and essential amino acids to speed up the recovery after demanding workout,” said Magdalena Boulet, GU’s Vice President of Innovation, Research, & Development, “This tasty Vanilla Cream Recovery Drink Mix has everything I need after a strenuous workout. I relied on our new formula after winning the Western States Endurance Run this year to fully recover and return to my running routine sooner than expected.”

Vanilla Cream Recovery Drink Mix will come in two packaging options: 12-pack of single-serving 2.3-ounce pouches (MSRP $40) and a 15-serving canister retailing for $36. Both products are now available on store shelves and


GU is a leading sports nutrition brand founded in Berkeley, CA in 1993. GU’s products help athletes hydrate, energize, and recover optimally before, during, and after demanding endurance activities. Discover the potential of nutrition planning by visiting


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