LEKI Supports Pacific Crest Trail Association’s WILD Movie Promotion


Buffalo, NY – A longtime supporter of the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA), LEKI announced today their sponsorship ofthe non-profit organization’s WILD movie promotion, which includes support of a unique microsite and inclusion in social media efforts, events and press releases. The movie WILD starring Reese Witherspoonis based on the bestselling memoir from Cheryl Strayed, a book that has introduced fans worldwide to the PCT and the idea of outdoor adventure as part of life’s journey. The movie is set to be released on December 5, 2014.

PCTA has a strong partnership with Fox Searchlight for the production and promotion of the movie in which PCTA staff and volunteers assisted Fox Searchlight with film locations, trail set construction, and PCT authenticity. The two entities developed joint marketing efforts to promote the film to a broad audience of moviegoers and trail lovers across the country, including a new website (www.pcta.org/wild) to provide a virtual trail experience for moviegoers and address questions and interest generated by the film. “Behind the scenes,” images and anecdotes, hiking tips and safety information, inspiring stories from trail users and forums to share trail experiences are available on the site.

LEKI is proud to support the PCTA through this program which will entertain and educate outdoor enthusiasts and fans of the book - most of which are not currently long-distance hikers, and some are not even hikers yet. Aside from being a WILD microsite sponsor, LEKI will also be participating in PCTA’s WILD Movie month giveaway in December and January, and will help promote the program through advertisements in PCTA’s WILD special edition Communicator magazine and via the company’s social media outlets.

About the Pacific Crest Trail Association

The PCTA was first chartered as the Pacific Crest Trail Conference in 1977. PCTA is the only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to protecting the entire Pacific Crest Trail through California, Oregon and Washington. Money donated through memberships, private and corporate gifts and government grants is used to organize and train thousands of volunteers who keep the trail safe and passable for hikers and horseback riders. PCTA staff and volunteers advocate for the trail and the surrounding landscape with government land managers and decision makers. They monitor development and resource extraction projects and ensure the trail is considered and protected. PCTA promotes the trail to increase public support for the resource and the value it provides. And through volunteer and educational programs, PCTA brings young people to the trail, creating tomorrow’s stewards and advocates. Learn more at www.pcta.org

About LEKI

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