LEKI Partners with Microsoft to Introduce the LEKI Trek and Ski Tracker App


BUFFALO, NY – In direct partnership with Microsoft, and in conjunction with Summit Data Corp and their Active Network of over half a million active outdoor users, LEKI announced today the launch of its new free LEKI Trek and Ski Tracker app for Windows Phone devices. The app includes a GPS tracker (and a step counter for SensorCore enabled Lumia devices), and integrates with Active Network, allowing users to save trails hiked on the cloud and post activity photos on Twitter and Facebook.


In choosing to work with Microsoft and its Windows Phone devices, LEKI took into account the fact that Microsoft offers specific fitness/sports technology and battery life benefits over other providers. In addition to traditional hiking, walking, running, skiing and cross country skiing, the LEKI Trek and Ski Tracker app provides specialized support and interval training plans for trekking and Nordic walking, two of their core product categories. And because LEKI is a member of the PSIA-AASI ski and snowboard instructors organization, the app also includes exclusive content from PSIA-AASI professional training plans.

“We are proud to partner with Microsoft on this project, as they clearly have the technology and bandwidth to support our goals and objectives for creating a customized branded app“, said Greg Wozer, VP of LEKI USA. “With more and more people wanting to stay connected outdoors, the features of this app make it the perfect tool for our customers to track and share their activities while using our products.”

From a social network standpoint, LEKI is able to connect with the Microsoft Azure-powered Active Network, which isan active community of more than half a million users strong, currently exclusive to Windows devices. The action photography feature for active sports benefits from the unsurpassed photography excellence of the Lumia line. Add in the built-in access to Xbox Music featuring over 38 million songs and this is clearly the go-to app for outdoor enthusiasts.

“We’re excited to partner with a leading global outdoor company such as LEKI to showcase our Lumia devices,” said Thierry Doyen, Partner Manager at Microsoft. “Their great screen readability in bright sunshine, very low battery drain for GPS use in the LEKI Trek and Ski Tracker app, camera and Windows Phone features in general make our phones with the LEKI Trek and Ski Tracker app the perfect device for fans of the outdoors.The app is also one of the first to take advantage of the new SensorCore feature of some of our latest devices – a perfect solution for this new technology that constantly counts your steps throughout the day, without an app needing to be running.”

LEKI and Microsoft will be showcasing the new app with Lumia devices at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show this week. Stop by booth #23042 and pick up a free Xbox Music pass just for downloading the LEKI Trek and Ski Tracker app on your Windows device.

About Active Network

Active Network, based on Microsoft Azure cloud, is a community of more than half a million active users. Active Network includes many mobile apps, such as LEKI Trek and Ski and Active Fitness. With Active Network users can run, hike, trek, ski and perform dozens of activities, while tracking them live and sharing with their friends and family.

About LEKI

Founded in 1948, LEKI is a leading manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Nordic Walking poles and gloves. LEKI products are German engineered with a majority of the products being made in the company's Czech Republic factory. This in conjunction with extensive research and independent testing make the best products featuring quality, value and technology. Because poles and gloves are their only business and they are focused on producing only the best products in those categories, LEKI is the known as “the pole experts.” LEKI USA, Inc., headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is the sole North American distributor of LEKI brand Skiing, Trekking, and Nordic Walking poles and gloves. For more information please visit www.LEKI.com or call 800.255.9982.