Backpacker Magazine and LEKI Team Up to Introduce the “Trekking Pole Guide” on


BUFFALO, NY – Backpacker Magazine announced today the launch of its Trekking Pole Guide, sponsored by LEKI and hosted on the Backpacker website, that highlights the benefits of using trekking poles and how to choose the right pole for individual needs. Complete with descriptive photographs and an interactive video, the new microsite will help re-educate the outdoor industry on why trekking poles can add years to your life on the trail.

In recent years, the influx of lower price point quality trekking poles has changed the dynamics of the market, drawing consumers to expect less from their poles. Backpacker and LEKI anticipate the Trekking Pole Guide will help turn this perception around by showcasing what a truly good set of poles can do to improve balance, posture and stability while reducing knee and back strain. Hence the Trekking Pole Guide’s message “Four Legs Good. Two Legs Bad.”

“We’re excited to champion this project with Backpacker in an effort to breathe life back into a market where perceptions have narrowed,” said Greg Wozer, Vice President of LEKI USA. “We anticipate the new Trekking Pole Guide and video will not only be a fun interactive way to learn how and why trekking poles, but also give retailers a place to point customers who might need additional help in making a better informed buying decision.”

In conjunction with the Backpacker Trekking Pole Guide microsite launch, LEKI’s new “WHY Poles” informational video makes its debut. The video reinforces the point of how outdoor enthusiasts can benefit from using poles, once again focusing on the message “Four Legs Good. Two Legs Bad,” and highlighting information on the anatomy of trekking poles and how different types of locking mechanisms, shocks, grips, shafts, tips, etc. can help consumers make better informed choices for their specific needs.

The video will also be a part of the new LEKI Brand Shop POP merchandising kit for retailers, which includes a LEKI banner that frames in the highlighted poles and a video monitor with slat wall and gondola attachment.

For more information, visit the Backpacker/LEKI Trekking Pole Guide microsite at For more information on LEKI’s Brand Shop POP merchandising kit, please contact LEKI USA Customer Service at 716-683-1022.