GoPure Pod and GoPure Pet Garner 2017 American Package Design Awards


Bloc Enterprises, LLC – makers of the first-ever portable and continuous, personal and pet water purification enhancement devices, the GoPure Pod™ and GoPure Pet™ – is honored to receive the 2017 Graphic Design USA American Package Design Award in the Health & Wellness category.


The award was presented to Hughes Design Group for their development and design of Bloc Enterprises’ consumer packaging for the new GoPure Pod and GoPure Pet.

Finding inspiration from the tech industry, Hughes Design Group developed a custom, hassle-free structure that could break through shelf clutter and communicate GoPure’s unique product attributes. The GoPure Pet’s energizing brand architecture was adapted and given lifestyle photography to telegraph usage. 


“We are honored Graphic Design USA selected Hughes Design Groups’ GoPure Pod and GoPure Pet packaging concepts as winners in the health and wellness category of the American Package Design Awards,” says Bloc Enterprises CEO Kent Atherton. “Hughes Design Group did a fabulous job creating a package that not only looks great on retail shelves, but it also boldly stands out to communicate our key messaging to consumers. Working with Hughes has been nothing but a pleasure and tremendous learning experience from a branding and design perspective.”

“We are always excited to win the prestigious Graphic Design USA Awards, but more importantly, we are proud that our strategic efforts and unique package is helping Bloc Enterprises build the GoPure brand,” says Barney Hughes, president of Hughes Design Group.

Convenient, reusable, and designed for dropping in any water bottle, hydration pack, pet drinking bowl, coffee maker or small water container up to three liters, the GoPure Pod and GoPure Pet introduces the first-ever natural water purification process in an easy-to-use consumer product. The GoPure Pod constantly cleans and enhances potable tap water for peace of mind and taste satisfaction everywhere you go.

At the heart of the GoPure Pod and GoPure Pet is PuriBloc – an advanced, highly porous ceramic that adsorbs impurities, while balancing the pH level back to 7.4, the optimal level for the human body. As the Pod rests at the bottom of any reusable water container or pet bowl, it continuously completes these actions and returns drinking water back to a more natural state, just like nature intended it to be.

Through this revolutionary technology, the GoPure Pod and GoPure Pet are able to adsorb the most dangerous contaminants now commonly found in tap water across the country such as Chlorine, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chromium, Lead and Mercury. For a full list and technology overview, visit

The GoPure Pod retails for $24.95 and GoPure Pet for $29.95. Both are available for purchase now at

For more information and a technology overview visit, or contact Ally Hopper at

About Bloc Enterprises, LLC

Bloc Enterprises, LLC is a specialized wholesale distribution company with exclusive distribution rights in the United States and United Kingdom for two remarkable new consumer healthcare products. For more information visit:

PuriBloc is the patented water enhancement technology inside the GoPure™, a thumb-sized pod made from natural ingredients that removes chemical impurities, while improving the taste. Soluble impurities and the many other contaminants found in ordinary tap water are adsorbed, the water is re-mineralized and the pH is optimized for healthier water. PuriBloc keeps water tasting fresher for longer and is designed to work continuously in any water container such as pitcher, coffee maker, pet bowl or water bottle. For more information, click here.

NicoBloc is a natural, drug-free fluid applied to the filter-end of a cigarette that blocks up to 99% of tar and nicotine without change in taste or loss of satisfaction. This patented method has proven success rates of over 50% in helping smokers quit after many years of clinical trials and global market testing. NicoBloc is made from 100% natural ingredients and is drug-free so there are no side effects from its use. These unique attributes make NicoBloc the only product of its kind. For more information, click here.



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