Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity collage showing latino men, Arfrican American men, African American woman, gay man, and lesbian woman all in outdoor clothing in outdoor environments

From top left: Jose Gonzalez (photo credit: Lilita Wood), Justin Forrest Parks, Danielle Williams (photo credit: Maricela Rosales), James Edward Mills, Len Necefer, Elyse Rylander, and Mikah Meyer   

The outdoors is for everyone, though, let's face it: Most of the people we see out on the trail are white. And most of the people we see at Outdoor Retailer trade shows are white. But the tide is slowly changing:  As an industry, we realize we have work to do to make the outdoors more diverse. SNEWS is committed to covering diverse outdoor stories, stories that shed light on DEI issues, and we are always seeking diverse voices to help us create content.