Wicked Good Copywriting & Communications – Growing with Room to Grow


Nevada City, CA – Pulling together a stable of brands that the most hardcore rep groups would salivate over, Wicked Good Copywriting & Communications is growing up and gaining focus. Currently, the copywriting agency is pulling projects for Arc’teryx, Keen Footwear, Gaiam and another big fish they are not allowed to divulge. And they ain’t done yet.

“The clients are the best I could hope for,” says Mike Mooers, Wicked Good’s creative director and principal writer. “We all know these brands – they are pinnacle companies – and the people behind them have real passion for product. They focus on the user, on creating tools and solutions that make the outdoor experience safer, easier and more fun. So do I – this is why I focus on writing about the gear.

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“But there’s room in our lineup for a couple more. If I was a rep I’d be wondering where my tents and bags are. Socks? What about socks? Accessories? I love accessories. And we’re not afraid to double up. We’ve found that having two clients in the same category benefits each. We’re discreet – IP is IP and we respect the NDA.”

Clients are clearly happy. Jill Macdonald of Arc’teryx testifies: “We are a technical brand and Mike gets how things work, why they benefit the user and how to communicate that benefit clearly and succinctly. We handed all of our product copy over to him with trust and confidence and he has made our brand communications stronger.”

“Mike is able to capture the brand’s voice and engage our consumer,” adds Keen footwear’s Amy Crawford. “His work is fun, spirited and smart, while still maintaining the technical stories and messaging.”

Eschewing the rigors of PR, the demands of editorial writing and the distractions of a full service agency, Wicked Good’s focus on copywriting, particularly on products and feature technologies, gives them an edge. “Having someone who can message product and technologies in a clear, succinct way is key to hooking the consumer. Copy is the entry into the buying process – especially online and in store – and it needs to work immediately or the buying process stops and they move on to another brand. To set that hook, you need to use someone who delivers the focus and knowledge required, and won’t get pulled away by editorial deadlines or the PR grind. We leave that to those experts.”

Mooers will be roaming the aisles at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, and is always happy to talk about product copy. “I’m at the show to meet clients and uncover new ones, but if there’s anyone who just has a question or two about solving a copy problem, I’m glad to chat, maybe offer a couple of ideas – on the house.”

About Wicked Good Copy & Communications: Based in the Sierra Foothills town of Nevada City, CA, Wicked Good Copywriting & Communications delivers brand-crafted copy for clients including Arc’teryx, Keen, Gaiam, and Innate. Mike Mooers, the company’s founder and creative force, has a proven two-decade background in marketing communications. He founded Wicked Good Copy & Communications in 2010. Contact Wicked Good.

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