Wicked Good Copy & Communications Announces Last Self-Serving, Tongue-in-Cheek, Pre-OR Release

As OR approaches – Approaching??? It's essentially now. Oh geez, did that booth signage get shippedl? – team Wicked Good Copy & Communications (they’re really fantastic copywriters) is gearing up for next week’s Summer Market with their final pre-OR, tongue-in-cheek, shamelessly-self-promoting press release.

Okay. The release. Ready?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:With Summer Market all but hours away, Wicked Good Copy & Communications announces that this will be their final pre-OR, tongue-in-cheek, shamelessly-self-promoting press release.

So. That takes care of that.
See you in Salt Lake City. Don’t forget to book your appointment to find out how Wicked Good can help you tell your story and share your awesomeness. Click here to get set up.

About Wicked Good Copy & Communications: Awesome copywriter(s) with boat loads of outdoor industry experience.
You should hire them. Totally worth it.

And, if the boilerplate stuff interests you, here's more: Based in the Sierra Foothills town ofNevada City, CA, Wicked Good has been delivering brand-crafted copy for a variety of clients, including KEEN, Gaiam, Discovery Communications, GoPro and Mountain Hardwear. Mike Mooers, the company’s founder and creative force, has a proven two-decade copywriting background, with a focus on the outdoor, fitness and snowsports industries. He founded Wicked Good Copy & Communications in late 2010. Facebook Wicked Good, LinkedIn Wicked Good,Contact Wicked Good.