Sherpani to Unveil the Wellness Collection, a New Fitness, Yoga-inspired Bag Category at Summer OR and Announces MAP Policy to Recommit to Brick and Mortar Retailers


BOULDER, Colo. (July 25, 2013)Sherpani, the leader in lifestyle bags for women in the outdoor market will debut the Wellness Collection at Summer OR and is implementing a MAP policy for the Spring 2014 season.

The MAP policy is part of a company initiative to reduce discounting and recommit to the retailers that add value to the brand and create a greater customer shopping experience. The MAP policy will apply to the popular Elements Collection, Limited Edition Collection, and the new Wellness Collection. As part of the focus on Brand value and distribution channels, Sherpani will also limit the number of purely e-commerce customers to 10 online retailers who align with Sherpani’s brand standards and commitment to best practices.

According to Sherpani CEO Ed Ruzic, the new policy is due to the persistent overstock situation and the boom in e-commerce sites and Flash sites that led Sherpani into a period of unrestrained discounts and deals on products. “Ultimately, we decided the best course for us was to stay true to the retailers who are investing in the brand and adding value to the Sherpani experience,” Ruzic says. “We are proactively producing fewer units and believe our new policies, plus the scarcity of product, will keep the prices where they belong and bring value back to the product. Sherpani prices are already extremely competitive along with a lifetime guarantee and our fanatical fan base is exploding, therefore, we see no reason to allow undercutting of price that devalues the Sherpani products and ultimately the brand image."

Additionally, Sherpani is introducing a new category of bags at the Outdoor Retailer Show. The Wellness Collection is an entirely new assortment of women's bags oriented toward fitness and inspired by yoga. This is the first complete line of yoga-inspired, wellness bags that include a yoga matt holder, yoga gym bag, hiking backpack, gym backpack, an oversized tote, a fitness duffle and a shoe sac-pack. Retail prices will range from $19.95 – $79.95. The Wellness collection is made of a proprietary lightweight, heathered, nylon and features colorful grommets and custom aluminum hardware.

"I feel the same excitement about this collection as I did nine years ago when we first brought women's specific lifestyle bags to the outdoor market” Ruzic says. “The Sherpani Wellness collection is the first complete assortment of yoga-inspired bags in the market. These bags will allow our Outdoor Retailers to capture and expand to a whole new customer base of women, who are not professional athletes, but are aware of their health and wellness. Once again it’s about lifestyle, valuing the health of your mind, body, and spirit. And once again Sherpani will be the first to help women get there in distinctive style.”

Sherpani's innovative and functional products are on display at the Outdoor Retailer Show July 30 – Aug 3 at booth number 36196. Sherpani is giving away a free tote/shoulder bag to all buyers that attend a 30-minute product preview. Contact Chelsea Ivsin or Madeleine Berger for an appointment (720) 214-2194).

 Sherpani's new Wellness Collection products will be unveiled at Summer OR.

Sherpani's new Wellness Collection products will be unveiled at Summer OR.


Since 2003 Sherpani has been a pioneer in developing the market for women's specific lifestyle bags of the Outdoor and Travel Markets. Sherpani’s vision is to create a socially responsible brand whose unique products, core values and company culture serve the emotional needs of women who want to express their personal fashion, their affinity to connect with a cultural philosophy and desire for compelling retail value. Sherpani is driven by the idea that quality handbags add sophistication and personal distinctiveness to every wardrobe choice, and that handbags can positively affect a women’s self image, outlook and productivity. The brand offers five distinctive collections in the mid-price point segment. With almost 12,000 Facebook followers Sherpani continues to lead the way in innovative products for women of all walks of life.