SealSkinz Announces a New Brand Identity that Empowers Wearers to Defy the Outdoors

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Bethany Mousseau
Momentum Media PR

SealSkinz Announces a New Brand Identity that Empowers Wearers to Defy the Outdoors

Broomfield, CO (June 9, 2014) - SealSkinz®, makers of waterproof, windproof and breathable accessories for the hands, feet and head, has announced the unveiling of a new brand identity. After undertaking a year-long process to understand their brand perception and the needs of their users in the UK and globally, SealSkinz is launching a new direction for the brand as the producer of premium endurance accessories that enable users to defy the outdoors.

SealSkinz is celebrated for their high quality, waterproof-breathable products that are handmade in the UK to keep wearers warm and dry. As pioneers in waterproof outdoor accessories, SealSkinz views their brand as empowering outdoor enthusiasts to go further, go longer, leave first and return last. The new branding highlights the high performance of their products in some of the world’s wetter and coldest conditions.

Among notable changes for the brand, SealSkinz will adopt a new logo, visual identity, and brandline. Brand loyalists in the US will note changes to their website, social media channels, and digital ads. In the UK, SealSkinz will celebrate the rebrand with a print and digital advertising campaign as well as increased presence at sponsored events and through their ambassador program.

Justin Adams, CEO of Sealskinz, describes the new brand, “The aesthetic is darker, but it is also more powerful. We know that harsh weather and tough environments constantly challenge dedicated athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. This new branding identifies SealSkinz as a combatant in our obsessive war with the weather.”

A complete overhaul will also be made to SealSkinz product packaging. Product will now feature an explanation of the technology that helps wearers defy the outdoors. The proprietary waterproof-breathable technology that has made SealSkinz products popular in the UK and US, has now been branded Aqua Dynamic Design (ADD). The philosophy of ADD is to deliver dry technology and next to skin comfort. New designs and colorways will be introduced along with new product to their fully rebranded Fall 2014 line.

About SealSkinz

SealSkinz empowers outdoor enthusiast to defy the weather. Through their patented Aqua Dynamic Design technology, SealSkinz offers endurance accessories that are waterproof, windproof, and breathable. At SealSkinz, we are committed to setting the standard for performance in endurance accessories. We are proud to manufacture over 50% of all our product range by hand in the UK, with factory, warehouse and office facilities in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. For more information about SealSkinz, visit or connect via Facebook or Twitter.