SealSkinz Announces New Technology in Their Waterproof Breathable Endurance Accessories


Broomfield, CO (August 5, 2014) - SealSkinz®, leading UK makers of waterproof, windproof and breathable accessories for the hands, feet and head, has announced new technology available in their Fall 2014 product line. Coming on the heels of their recent rebranding, this technology will be paired with new designs, tags, and logos in all their Fall products.

To deliver their promise of all-weather outdoor defiance, Sealskinz had developed Aqua Dynamic Design (ADD), to guide product methodology and technology branding. This addresses the dynamics of cold, wet conditions by controlling temperature, and minimizing the effect of wind and water on performance and comfort. Sealskinz employs 3 levels of technology, each giving their own specific benefits:

A.D.D Stretchdry, is a Sealskinz patented technology that consists of a hydrophilic membrane paired with merino wool and nylon. This seamless, three-layer construction is 100% waterproof and provides excellent breathability and moisture management. The Sealskinz version is revolutionary in that it stretches, allowing a close and comfortable fit – essential for delivering next to skin dry comfort.

A.D.D. Waterproof, A.D.D. Waterproof products are developed in a way to be 100% waterproof and breathable while offering incredible dexterity. Varying layers of insulation means the products work in a wide range of climates.

A.D.D Windproof, lightweight and breathable, windproof products provide the perfect barrier between outdoor enthusiasts and the wind, allowing added comfort and protection in harsh conditions.

SealSkinz is celebrated for their high quality, waterproof-breathable products that are handmade in the UK to keep wearers warm and dry. SealSkinz Global Marketing Director, David Jesson says of the technology, “We have always viewed our products as empowering outdoor enthusiasts to go further, go longer, leave first and return last. This new technology will help our users understand which product is right for which conditions and continue to deliver the high quality weatherproofing we are known for.” All Fall product will have packaging to explain these technology changes and help users select the right product for their use.

About SealSkinz

SealSkinz empowers outdoor enthusiast to defy the weather. Through their patented Aqua Dynamic Design technology, SealSkinz offers endurance accessories that are waterproof, windproof, and breathable. At SealSkinz, we are committed to setting the standard for performance in endurance accessories. We are proud to manufacture over 50% of all our product range by hand in the UK, with factory, warehouse and office facilities in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. For more information about SealSkinz, visit or connect via Facebook or Twitter.