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Independent. Unfiltered. Engaged. The inaugural issue of The Voice was met with widespread praise. "It's absolutely the best trade magazine I have read in years. Maybe ever," said John Williams of Pack 'n' Paddle.

At the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in January, we were so thrilled to drop the first issue of The Voice, our independent, unfiltered, engaged outdoor industry trade mag to critical acclaim.

And now, as Summer Market approaches, we’re busy working on issue #2. Many of you have asked what’s in store, so here’s a peek behind the curtain into some of the stories we’re working on.*

Is Your Paycheck Big Enough? The results of our exclusive salary survey are in, thanks to the thousands of you who participated. We’ll break down what people in the outdoor industry are really making—from retail clerks to PR flaks to sales reps to C-suite brand executives. Plus: Real people from a cross-section of the industry share their salaries and career paths; an investigation into the outdoor industry’s wage gap; are unpaid internships ethical?; insider tips on landing your next raise; and more.

Sex and Power in the Outdoor Industry, Part II In issue #1, we revealed the startling results of our groundbreaking survey into sexual assault and sexual harassment in the outdoor industry. In this issue, we dive deep into some of the most disturbing patterns in our data—from athletes abusing their status to women not self-reporting rape, from men using their power position to coerce women into sex, and the prevalence of incidents occurring at trade shows and tied to alcohol use—with personal stories from victims. By Rachel Sturtz

The Path to an Inclusive Outdoor Industry anger, frustration, divisiveness, cluelessness, and privilege: These words describe our industry’s tumultuous journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). How exactly will we come together on this racially charged issue? A thoughtful look into our past mistakes (including the recent Camber Outdoors Equity Pledge controversy) and the path forward. By James Mills

The Next Generation of Specialty Outdoor Retail Nationwide, specialty retailers are grappling with succession planning for their shops as they face retirement. Why passing on the business can be so challenging—and how several retailers are handling the transition. By Tracy Ross

Sales Rep Confidential Crazy pressure to sell, battling Amazon and DTC sales, rising costs, endless road miles. Life isn’t easy for today’s reps, and they’re finally speaking up about it. By Corey Buhay

Our departments are brimming with provocative ideas, outspoken opinions, diverse voices, and important issue coverage. We’ll be diving into these questions and so many more:

  • Are all gear reviews really pay to play?
  • Is brick-and-mortar specialty retail doomed or poised for greatness?
  • Are pro deals killing our industry?
  • Are B-Corps the future of our industry?
The Voice 50 gear picks 2019

In The Voice 50, we cut to the chase to deliver only the most promising products of the season, ranked from one to 50.

And of course, you’ll get in-depth trend reporting in all the key summer categories courtesy of our retailer panel and our picks for the 50 hottest products of the season (ranked!) in The Voice 50.

If you’ve got feedback on The Voice or ideas for topics you want to read about, please shoot me an email at khostetter@aimmedi.com. We want The Voice to include yours.


P.S. If you’d like to advertise in The Voice, please contact Sharon Houghton at shoughton@aimmedia.com.

*Details and stories may change 

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