We work in a passion-based industry, and most of us love what we do, but that doesn’t mean we should get punished for it by making less. Talking about money can be uncomfortable. In fact, it’s kind of a taboo. So how do you know if your salary is fair?

The goal of this survey is to gather concrete data on salaries of people working in the outdoor industry, from sales to PR, from marketing to gear design, from retail to media, from athletes to ambassadors.

Completing the survey will take you about 5 minutes. The deadline for participating is April 8, 2019. We’ll publish the results in an upcoming feature. Thank you for sharing your feedback and for supporting this important cause.

Please share this link with all your colleagues. More participants equals better, more accurate data.


are you paid enough

Are you paid enough?

Money: Like politics, religion, and bodily functions, you’re not supposed to discuss it in polite company. And we get it. How much hard-earned cash your labor brings home can feel like an intensely personal detail, affecting everything about how you work and play. But when wages ...read more