In January 2019, SNEWS launched a comprehensive outdoor industry salary survey in partnership with Category One to gather concrete data on salaries of people working in the outdoor industry, from sales to PR, from marketing to gear design, from retail to media, from athletes to ambassadors.

Find out where you stack up based on factors like your gender, years of experience, education, region, job title, and more.

And be sure to read the cover story in The Voice, which delves into the gender gap, living wages, unpaid internships, profiles, and more.



are you paid enough

Are you paid enough?

Money: Like politics, religion, and bodily functions, you’re not supposed to discuss it in polite company. And we get it. How much hard-earned cash your labor brings home can feel like an intensely personal detail, affecting everything about how you work and play. But when wages …read more

Is your paycheck big enough?

We work in a passion-based industry, and most of us love what we do, but that doesn’t mean we should get punished for it by making less. Talking about money can be uncomfortable. In fact, it’s kind of a taboo. So how do you know if your salary is fair? The goal of this survey is …read more

woman counting cash

Can you really make a living in outdoor retail?

Four years ago, Marie*, a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, turned her passion into a full-time position at a Vermont outdoor retailer. But now, even after being promoted, she still finds herself taking dog-sitting gigs just to make ends meet. Marie started her retail job on salary, …read more

women and men bathroom signs

The gender gap: Why women make less than men—and how to fix it

Turns out, the outdoor industry isn’t immune to overarching trends in income inequality. Our survey revealed a significant pay discrepancy between men and women—a finding that’s about in line with the average pay gap nationwide among all industries, says Chandra Childers, study …read more

Anna Gutwin-Salary

Salary snapshots

A store manager, a copy writer, a founder, and a program manager dish on their salaries and whether they get compensated fairly. Anna Gutwin Manager, Outdoor Gear Exchange Burlington, VT “My partner and I are lucky because we were able to find this house that nobody else wanted …read more

sexual misconduct pull quote

Sex, power, and the outdoor industry

Nora* was having one of those days. She was one of the few Westerners in her multinational company, and her factory trips to Asia often involved tough interactions with coworkers that made her feel isolated. After a frustrating 12-hour workday, she had dinner with the group and …read more

the voice brick wall 2

Welcome to The Voice, issue #2

At the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in January, we were so thrilled to drop the first issue of The Voice, our independent, unfiltered, engaged outdoor industry trade mag to critical acclaim. Subscribe to The Voice And now, as Summer Market approaches, we’re busy working on issue …read more

dream job reality check

Dream job reality check

Meet five individuals who, from the outside, seem to have the gig of a lifetime. The share details about their paycheck, plus perks and bummers. FILMMAKER Sarah Menzies: Let Media, Seattle, WA The paycheck $40,000 The gig Shooting documentary films and commercial projects …read more

Patricia Cameron headshot

The challenges of inclusivity: Priced out of participation

This story is the third of three examining how the path to equity and inclusivity in the outdoor industry is full of halting steps. Diversity is an easy sell. Make the outdoors more welcoming? Sure thing. Be more progressive? Done. Widen the industry’s consumer base? But of …read more