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The Voice drops on Day 1 of each Outdoor Retailer (January, June, and November) so you can arm yourself with everything you need to hit the show running: big ideas and conversation starters, expert product knowledge, and a deep understanding of the issues facing our industry.

In every issue:

  • BUSINESS: Statistics, shop talk, news briefs, finding your next customer, and the latest trends in retail
  • CULTURE: Real talk about identity, fresh faces in the industry, and homage to sales reps and others
  • GEAR: Breakthroughs, trends across all categories, and our top 50 gear picks
  • FEATURES: In-depth coverage of important topics, such as REI's influence and copycat gear makers

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Read the digital issue of The Voice

In the debut of our new trade journal, and in the following issues, you'll find stories that dig deep into important issues the outdoor industry faces.  Not displaying properly? Read directly on ISSUU here Features The End of Elite: When Walmart marketed Black Diamond last more

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The Voice: FAQ

What date will the first issue drop? Day 1 of the Outdoor Retailer show, January 30, 2019. How many days of issues? The Voice is not a daily show magazine. It’s a single premium magazine that is timed to drop at the the show. For digital daily show coverage, opinions, and more

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The Voice needs your voice

After a successful launch of the first issue at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, we’re already busy planning the June issue of The Voice. The second edition will drop on June 18, 2019, day 1 of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. While putting together all future issues, we want to more

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The show floor at Outdoor Retailer Snow show was abuzz last week about The Voice, our new independent trade journal for the outdoor and snow sports industry. We tackled big, important, difficult topics, like REI's role and impact, sexual harassment and assault, trade shows, more