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The End of Elite: When Walmart marketed Black Diamond last summer, the resulting fiasco stirred up a long-simmering identity crisis, causing the industry to look in the mirror and ask: Who are—and aren't—we? Page 64.

CoolShops: Multisport challenges, tutorial videos, open-arms outreach: These 10 shops show what it takes to kill it in retail today. Page 72.

The Long Arm of REI: The brand wields unmatched power in the industry. But is it a benevolent leader of the 800-pound gorilla of the outdoor world? Page 80.

Safe Outside? An eye-opening look at the groundbreaking SNEWS survey on sexual harassment and sexual assault in the outdoor industry. Page 84.

Copycat Gear: Evolving technology has made it easier than ever for brands to knock off a competitor's gear. Some call such companies a boon—others, a threat. Page 88.


Industry Buzz: Rentals and demos are booming as more skiers travel in search of stoke. Page 13.

Your Next Customer: Enough with the calls to get people of color outside. We're there—you're just not speaking our language. Page 16.

Numerology: These key stats define the health of the outdoor industry today. Page 17.

Show Biz: Breaking down what you'll cough up at different type of trade shows. Plus: Do we really need three national shows? Page 18.

Shop Talk: Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and Sierra Designs launch an exclusive for member stores. Page 21.

Messaging: Hotels + gear = the freshest way to meet customers. Page 22.

In Brief: VF Corp, Interbike, and three-day OR. Page 24.


Fresh Faces: Meet a freshman Congresswoman, a queer advocate, a designer, and a leader in conservation and diversity. Page 27.

Unfiltered: Hey, brands: "Exposure" for your ambassadors doesn't pay their bills. Page 30.

Road Rules: Three reps share their tips, tools, and must-haves for life on the road. Page 31.

The Convo: What's your identity got to do with your work in the outdoors? Three industry members talk through it. Page 32.

Homage: Props for reps; one of our own battles cancer; volunteers save national parks during the government shutdown. Page 34.


Breakthrough: The North Face aims to dethrone Gore-Tex as king of waterproof breathable tech. Page 36.

The Trend Report: What's selling now—and will be soon—according to our expert panel of retailers and brand innovators. Page 38.

Voice 50: The coolest new products of the season, ranked. Page 50.

EcoFront: PrimaLoft breaks it down with a new biodegradable fabric; does recycling really rule? Page 62.


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Read the digital issue of The Voice

“The best outdoor trade magazine…ever.” “Must-read for anyone in the outdoor industry.” “The Voice fearlessly tackles all of the outdoor industry’s biggest, most complicated topics.” These are just some of the comments that have rolled in about issue #1 and issue #2 of The more

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The show floor at Outdoor Retailer Snow show was abuzz last week about The Voice, our new independent trade journal for the outdoor and snow sports industry. We tackled big, important, difficult topics, like REI's role and impact, sexual harassment and assault, trade shows, more

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What date will the first issue drop? Day 1 of the Outdoor Retailer show, January 30, 2019. How many days of issues? The Voice is not a daily show magazine. It’s a single premium magazine that is timed to drop at the the show. For digital daily show coverage, opinions, and more

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At the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in January, we were so thrilled to drop the first issue of The Voice, our independent, unfiltered, engaged outdoor industry trade mag to critical acclaim. Subscribe to The Voice And now, as Summer Market approaches, we’re busy working on issue more

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The end of elite

Walmart was going to disrupt the outdoors. It was late August, 2018, a year and a half after the retail leviathan purchased the online outdoor retailer Moosejaw for a reported $51 million. Walmart was ready to put its investment to work. Walmart, as everyone knows, is the more

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The Voice drops in the first week of June and the second week of January (to coincide with the traditional Outdoor Retailer shows) so you can arm yourself with everything you need to hit the season running: big ideas and conversation starters, expert product knowledge, and a more

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Got a hot new product for Fall/Winter 2020 that you want to get it in front of retailers and the rest of the outdoor industry? Give us all the details and you could earn a coveted spot in our highly-curated, crème de la crème product pick section, The Voice 50. Alert: You do not more