The 50 coolest products coming out next year

Will your brand make the cut? Submit your best stuff and be considered for The Voice 50.
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Is your product one of the 50 most exciting pieces of gear coming out next year? There’s only one way to find out: Submit it for consideration for The Voice 50, a.k.a. TV50, our exclusive, highly-curated guide to the most covetous new outdoor products.

The Voice 50 gear picks 2019

Only the most intriguing, innovative, and buzz-worthy 2020 products will make the TV50 cut.

The Voice 50, which debuted in The Voice at January’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, showcases the most interesting, hype-worthy, and exciting gear, even before testers can get their hands on it. For the January issue, nearly 400 products were narrowed down to the 50 most interesting, then ranked by a panel of expert gear testers and reviewers from SNEWS and BACKPACKER.

The result? TV50 is the industry’s exclusive first look at the products journalists desperately want to test, the items that will generate the most buzz with customers, and exactly what the gear world should be paying attention to in the next year.

The magazine will drop on June 18, day 1 at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market,

Brand representatives have until April 15 to submit up to three products for consideration per brand. Products making their initial debut in the summer of 2019 (and will typically be available in the spring/summer of 2020) are eligible, but products that have already launched are not.

You do NOT have to be attending Outdoor Retailer Summer Market to be considered. But you do need to sell us on why your product should make the list and have high-resolution, on-white photos at the time of submission to be product to be considered. Read more details and requirements of submissions, here.

And may the best products win!


Dahu E'corce 01 boot in transition with the gray full-function winter boot liner (The Cambium) stepping into the outer shell while the front and back pieces are open.

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The gear section of The Voice, magazine open to gear section, The Voice 50 with red Primus stove

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