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  • As part of his “Five Deeps” Expedition”, businessman Victor Vescovo dove 35,849 feet down the Mariana Trench—and found a plastic bag. In a study released in October 2018, the deepest known piece of plastic was logged by scientists looking through the Deep-Sea Debris Database—a collection of photos collected from more than 5,000 dives. 89% of those plastics were single-use items like shopping bags, water bottles, and candy wrappers. With single-use plastics damaging even the most remote parts of our planet, it’s more important than ever that we do something about it. Sign the Plastic Impact Promise and recruit your company to join the Plastic Impact Alliance.
  • Tanzania is looking to shorten your trip up Mt. Kilimanjaro—with a cable car.
  • One man was murdered and a woman seriously injured in an attack on the Appalachian Trail. Officials say that the alleged murderer, James L. Jordan, had been a nuisance to hikers for several months leading townup to the bloody attack, reportedly harassing and threatening different groups of hikers in Tennessee. 
  • Fred Ferguson—vice president of Government and Industry Relations for Vista Outdooris testifying today before the House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands during an oversight hearing on “Examining the Impacts of Climate Change on Public Lands Recreation.” He believes that individuals, industry, and government must work together to solve environmental issues and will detail programs implemented by Vista Outdoor to be more environmentally conscious.
  • Eagle Creek is making dreams of traveling the world come true, and they’ve just picked their first six winners as part of the "Quit Your Job" campaign.
  • Ode on Mother's Day: Audrey Townsend opens up in this candid interview between her and daughter Betsy Bertram, detailing her inspiration for Townsend Bertram & Company, her journey to the outdoors, and advice to outdoor entrepreneurs.