Nalgene will give a bottle to every person at next week's OR.

  • Outdoor Retailer has partnered with Nalgene to get a 32-ounce plastic Nalgene bottle into every set of hands attending Summer Market next week. And there will be no shortage of places to fill them, either. With more refill stations in common areas and scores of Plastic Impact Alliance members hosting in-booth water stations, the only possible downside is longer lines to the bathrooms!
  • MEC announced the appointment of new Chief Executive Officer, Philippe (Phil) Arrata. Arrata will take over for David Labistour on July 2, 2019.
  • United By Blue launches #QuitSingleUse Pledge on World Oceans Day. By this time next year the brand has committed to completely eliminate major single-use plastics from their business, including plastic poly bags, plastic swift tags, plastic bubble wrap sleeves, plastic trim bags and more. In addition to their own pledge, they've also asked others to join in by pledging to go 24 hours without single-use plastics
  • In an effort to increase access to public lands, the Trump administration announced their plan for expanded hunting and fishing by opening 74 national wildlife refuges and 15 national fish hatcheries to outdoor sporting enthusiasts.
  • Outside Magazine launched 'Unpacked' podcast as an extension of its “What You Missed” newsletter. The podcast includes stories about the climate crisis, the latest in outdoor sports, the need-to-know about public lands, and more. 'Unpacked' is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play. 
  • Need a new chalk bag? How about this one by Louis Vuitton for just $1,590?
Louis Vuitton Chalkbag

A $1,590 chalk bag for the bourgeois climber.

  • LifeStraw has partnered with Airstream to debut the "Clean Water Across America" cross-country campaign. Presenter and filmmaker Harry Yuan and his partner, private chef Andrea Loeffler will lead the campaign as they trek across the country for three months talking about best practices for water conservation, adventure travel, and ways to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Finalists for next week's Outdoor Retailer Inspiration Awards have been announced.
  • Issue 2 of The Voice drops on June 18 and features an in-depth look at salaries in the outdoor industry, a personal story by James Edward Mills on our industries path toward diversity, an inside look at the lives of sales reps. We also cover pay-to-play gear reviews, the problem with pro-deals, a debate about the future of specialty retail and lots more. Get in on the conversation and subscribe here