• Could backpacking insurance increase your time outside? More and more people are cutting down on their time outside to avoid the high healthcare costs often associated with the industry. After being injured himself, Charles Merritt developed an on-demand accident insurance product called Buddy with the help of friends Jay Paul and David Vogeleer.
  • Mountain Khakis welcomed Lauren Reinzuch and Brooke Hornbeck to their team. Reinzuch will take on the role of Director of Merchandising, Design and Development, while Hornbeck will contribute as Senior Designer.
  • State park operating costs could jump by as much as 61 percent by 2050 as rise in temperatures drive more people outside for longer. A recent study done by Utah State University suggests that as greenhouse gas emissions rise and temperatures climb, state park attendance will follow and maintenance costs will skyrocket.
  • The Plastic Impact Alliance is now more than 200 brands strong: In the last week, 23 more brands have joined the  Alliance, including Adventure Medical Kits, Body Glove, Bonfire Collective, EarlyBird Power, Eastman, Exped, Filson, Good To-Go, La Sportiva, Marmot, MSR, NRI Distribution, PackTowel, Platypus, SealLine, Sea to Summit, Sherpa Adventure Gear, Skyline Sales & Consulting, Team Talent, Therm-a-Rest, and Vasque.
  • Icebreaker is embarking on a cool new project to shed light on the problem of plastic microfibers in our oceans by partnering with long distance swimmer Ben Lacomte. Lecomte will swim 300 nautical miles through the massive floating island of garbage in the Pacific known the Great Garbage Patch, collecting samples that will help scientists analyze the world's plastic crisis.

  • United By Blue is asking its customers to quit single-use plastic for 24 hours in honor of World Ocean Day. The're also announcing a bold pledge: By World Oceans Day 2020, the company will eliminate the most prevalent plastics in their waste stream including plastic poly bags, plastic swift tags, plastic bubble wrap sleeves, plastic trim bags and more.