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  • OIA Global and Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions created a program called Garments On Ditto that makes removing plastic from retailers simpler. The program replaces traditional GOH hangers with 100 percent recyclable hangers made from highly compressed paper fiberboard, reducing costs and increasing sustainability.
  • Three hikers were rescued after four days in Capitol Reef National Park. One of the lost hikers developed hypothermia after the group got caught in the rain, prompting them to stop and wait for rescuers to find them. All three hikers were safely extracted, but Garfield County Sheriff's Office encourages hikers to always be aware of weather reports, carry a GPS device, and study the area they will be hiking to prevent situations like these.
Morgan Erickson

Morgan Erickson, a recent graduate of the Outdoor Product Design and Development Program at USU.

  • After an unprecedented avalanche season, the Colorado Trail has been buried in debris. The Colorado Trail Foundation will coordinate volunteers to work with the U.S. Forest Service to clear the wood and rocks, and hopes to get the trail completely cleared by September.
  • The American Hiking Society invites everyone to participate in the largest nationwide trails event on June 1. Having seen the negative impact the government shutdown had on the nation's trails, the AHS is now encouraging everyone to take the pledge and help set a world record for the most people improving trails on a single day. 
  • Read an excerpt from Yvon Chouinard's newest book, 'Some Stories'. 
  • Sherpa Adventure Gear hired OutsidePR as its public relations agency of record. “We are excited to join forces with OutsidePR to tell the Sherpa story," said Kelsie Costa, CEO of Sherpa Adventure Gear. "Their team's authentic, purposeful approach will be vital to telling a story as rich as ours. We are confident they will be a strong asset to the Sherpa Adventure Gear family."