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  • Outdoor Industry Association chimed in on the introduction of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act 2019: “America’s diverse and unique wildlife are not only essential to our country’s varied public lands and waters; they are a vital part of the outdoor recreation economy because Americans spend over $140 billion on wildlife-focused recreation every year supporting rural and gateway communities of every stripe," said Patricia Rojas-Ungar, vice president of government affairs. "[OIA] applauds Representatives Debbie Dingell (D-MI) and Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) for leading on this proactive effort and sponsoring the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. The more we can do up front to bolster and improve habitat, reduce invasive species and reintroduce native species, the healthier our nation’s wildlife will be and the more money we will save in the long term –this makes fiscal sense and we pledge our support to move it forward.”
#HydrateLike a boss.

#HydrateLike a boss.

  • Lonely Whale and Point Break Foundation teamed up to launch Question How You Hydrate, a new collaborative movement that is waking the world up to our problem with reliance on single-use plastic water bottles and empowering consumers to choose and champion sustainable alternatives to them. This effort is asking individuals, organizations, and brands to show the world how they hydrate without single-use plastic and then pledge their commitment to remove single-use plastic water bottles from their lifestyles.
  • Osprey, KEEN, Northwest Rafting Co., and Peak Design are winners of The Conservation Alliance's Outstanding Partnership Awards for 2019. The award recognizes companies who have given special help to the grantees working toward the protection of wild lands in North America.
  • The Benscreek Canoe Club's First Wave program—which helps at-risk youth by getting them out on the rivers paddling and learning about watershed protection—received $10,000 from Outdoor Research's We Can Grant program
  • Maine stepped up its clean energy game with the passage of four bills this week and more significant legislature is on the way. 
  • Several U.S. municipal governments have already declared a climate emergency in recent months, but Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders want more. By introducing a resolution in the House and Senate that would make the U.S. one of over 15 countries that have legally recognized climate change as a threat, there is hope of spurring more aggressive action against it.
  • After winning the 100-mile Western States Endurance Race and setting the second-fastest women's time in history, the only thing on Clare Gallagher's mind was protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from fossil fuel extraction. In her words: “Call your reps."