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  • Former Lord & Taylor President Vanessa LeFebvre was announced as adidassenior vice president of commercial business in North America. 
  • REI announced Uncommon Path, its new print magazine debuting this fall. “Uncommon Path tells the stories of the experiences, the events, issues, and ideas that shape the relationship between people and life outside,” said Ben Steele, REI’s executive vice president and chief customer officer. “But those stories aren’t limited to trails and peaks. They take us to parks and urban places closer to home, covering issues like climate change impacts that, due to dwindling resources and shrinking local newsrooms, are getting less and less press.”

“Issues as big and complex as climate change call for us to collaborate across our industry and beyond,” said Noel Kinder, Nike’s chief sustainability officer in a statement.

  • Diamond Brand Gear partnered with Pisgah Hospitality Partners to expand the world of 'glamping' with new custom Gear Wall Tents. The structures are a spacious 12-by-16-feet, comfortably fitting a queen-sized bed, a side table, and a luggage rack.
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has unanimously voted to include sport climbing in the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. The decision will be subject to later alteration, but represents a step forward in its inclusion in the games.
  • 4ocean announced that it has pulled a whopping 5 million pounds of trash from the ocean since its founding only two and a half years ago. “Five million pounds is a large amount of trash, but we still have a long way to go,” said 4ocean co-founder Alex Schulze. “It’s also preventable. So much of what we collect is single-use plastic which was created for convenience. We’re not only trying to clean our ocean but stop it at the source.”
Nanda Devi

A group of 12 hikers were hit by an avalanche several weeks ago while climbing Nanda Devi, leaving 7 dead and 1 still missing.