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  • Quote-worthy: "Everything man does creates more harm than good. We have to accept that fact and not delude ourselves into thinking something is sustainable. Then you can try to achieve a situation where you’re causing the least amount of harm possible. That’s the spin we put on it. It’s a never-ending summit. You’re just climbing forever. You’ll never get to the top, but it’s the journey." —Patagonia's Yvon Chouinard told Fast Company
  • Boulder shooting: In a Boulder business park that's home to La Sportiva, Newton, SCARPA, and Meteorite PR, a shooting occurred on Wednesday afternoon. Police arrested former NFL lineman Justin Bannan on suspicion of shooting a woman who worked in the same building as him.
  • Mountain badasses: Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison became the first to ski down the 28,000-foot Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world. This 20-minute video documenting their journey premiered this week.
  • Opinion: "It's Time To Start Closing National Parks" (Backpacker)
  • Student designers: Utah State University outdoor product design students helped local swimwear design company Nani Swimwear develop new product concepts.
  • Feetures is expanding its sales department with the promotion of Steve Hallinan to the new national sales manager of footwear specialty.