Voke Tab Taps Backbone Media for PR


May 18, 2015 (Bozeman, Mont.) – Voke, maker of healthy energy tabs, has appointed premier active lifestyle agency, Backbone Media, to manage its public relations.

“Backbone’s experience and expertise with high performance products, natural foods and the active lifestyle market makes them a perfect match for us,” says Kalen Caughey, president and founder of Voke Tab. “Voke Tabs have fueled adventures on all seven continents, and helped mountaineers summit the world’s tallest peaks. Voke is a great product for those looking for a clean energy lift without the jitters of coffee or the unhealthy sugars and additives of other energy products.” 

Launched in 2011, Voke Tab delivers a boost of smooth, natural energy from a combination of organic guarana berry, organic acerola cherry and green tea leaf caffeine. The tabs are sugar-free and contain no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavoring. Voke has built a dedicated following of mountaineers, skiers, mountain bikers, kayakers, fire fighters and everyday adventurers with an ambassador roster headed by elite alpine athlete Conrad Anker.

 “I first learned about Voke from friends in the industry and after trying it I quickly became a fan,” says Penn Newhard, Backbone Media founding partner. “Voke is a natural energy solution for people who don’t typically do energy products. We are eager to share their story with healthy, performance-minded consumers nation-wide.” 

About Voke® Tab

After years of competitive skiing, Kalen Caughey, founder of Voke Tab, was inspired to create a spill-proof, energy alternative to provide portable fuel in the mountains. He teamed up with his father, Byron Caughey, a biochemist, to research an ideal combination of natural ingredients that would provide a balanced boost without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Choosing only healthy ingredients with scientifically-backed benefits, Caughey created Voke Tab, and quickly gained a dedicated group of followers including numerous world-class athletes. To learn more about Voke, visit http://voketab.com/.

About Backbone Media

Backbone Media is a public relations, media planning and buying, and social media agency that partners with brands to target, engage and inspire the active lifestyle market. For over 17 years, Backbone Media has worked with leading outdoor gear, apparel, technology, food and beverage brands, as well as tourism destinations around the world. Backbone has offices in Carbondale and Denver, Colorado, and Jackson, Wyoming. www.backbonemedia.net.