Suffer Better Announces Inaugural Ambassador Lineup: Group to Focus on Growing the Suffer Better Community and Giving Back


Boulder, CO (March 17, 2016):

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New charity-minded athletic brand, Suffer Better, a growing global community of athletes who “give their all and give back,” announced today that it has finalized its inaugural nationwide team of ambassadors from across the country to help grow the Suffer Better brand, while uncovering new opportunities to give back to their communities in the process. 

Founded two years ago in Boulder by a pair of longtime endurance athletes, Suffer Better produces apparel and products for a growing population of dedicated athletes – trail and ultra runners, climbers, cyclists and triathletes, and hardpushining gym rats. Suffer Better’s mission is to build a community of athletes who are inspired to live and train by the mantra Suffer Better and acknowledge the importance of giving back. Utilizing its platform and community of athletes, Suffer Better donates 10% of all sales to select charities, such as the dZi Foundation, Special Olympics, the Movember Foundation, Breast Cancer Research, Help for Heroes, the Davis Phinney FoundationBicycles for Humanity. The new team of ambassadors, 16 in all from across the country, will focus on building awareness of the Suffer Better brand and connecting it to additional athletes.

Ambassadors receive free Suffer Better apparel and products (T shirts and Tech Ts, socks, water bottles, truckers), allowing them to “fly the flag” while pursuing their own athletic endeavors and spreading the word about Suffer Better. The new ambassador group – equal parts men and women - includes trail and ultra runners, ultra cyclists, crossfit enthusiasts, and hardcore obstacle racers. Their goals are to introduce their athletic friends and colleagues to the Suffer Better mentality while helping support charities in their respective communities. Each ambassador selects a local charity and 10% of the proceeds of all Suffer Better products sold to their specific group will be donated to their chosen nonprofit. Ambassadors are encouraged to use their individual social media channels to share and spread the Suffer Better story.

According to co-founder Peter Downing, “the ambassadors are the next logical step in our evolution, continuing our organic growth and helping us connect with more athletes with whom the Suffer Better mentality resonates.” The new ambassadors, Downing continues, “are an incredible group of men and women who are passionate about their respective sports and committed to improving their various communities. We were humbled by the quantity and quality of those who applied and are super excited to get them out there.”

Ambassadors are also specifically looking for new partnership opportunities for Suffer Better, groups or companies who are interested in collaborating with Suffer Better to produce one-of-a-kind products that help tell their respective stories while simultaneously benefitting particular causes. Suffer Better has partnered with key groups like The Race Across America, Cuore of Switzerland, and LDN Fitness to benefit the likes of Bicycles for Humanity, The Davis Phinney Foundation and Help for Heroes. For Suffer Better, says Downing, “there’s nothing like these special partnerships that ultimately produce the true win-win-win for everyone involved.” 

About Suffer Better

Headquartered in Boulder, CO, Suffer Better is a community of athletes who live and train by the mantra Suffer Better, fly the Suffer Better flag in their athletic endeavors and focus on helping their communities in the process. Suffer Better’s platform of people, presentations and events works to inspire men and women to maximize their athletic gifts and give back to those less fortunate. Suffer Better donates 10% of all sales, referred to as The 110, to nonprofits and charities to support their important work. For more information, visit or contact:



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