Arcade Belt Co. Partners with rygr for Public Relations, Marketing Support


OLYMPIC VALLEY, Calif. (June 20, 2016) — Arcade Belt Co., maker of stylish, durable and highly functional belts, appoints rygr, an integrated marketing agency, to manage its public relations and consult on marketing strategy in the United States.

“As Arcade continues to grow, we want a partner that can help us effectively tell our brand story to our core audience, as well as the broader public,” states Tristan Queen, co-founder and managing director for Arcade. “We’re excited to work with rygr, as they have the expertise and enthusiasm to help us continue our company’s growth while remaining authentic to our roots.”

Queen, with friends David Bronkie and Cody Townsend, founded Arcade Belt Co. in 2010 on the simple premise of making a more functional belt for action sports. The original Adventure belt was revolutionary in its combination of comfort, durability and style. Six years later, Arcade markets three belt models, as well as a suspender, that are sold in over 800 retail stores.

“Before Arcade, a belt was a belt was a belt. But the Arcade team is reinventing an accessory category that lacked identity and real performance function,” says Brian Holcombe, principal of rygr. “The action sports world has embraced Arcade Belt Co. in a big way, and we’re excited to tell this story to a broader audience and help more consumers discover the difference Arcade can make for them.”

Founded by Brian Holcombe, former associate PR director at Backbone Media, rygr is an integrated marketing agency for passion brands.

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About Arcade: Arcade continues to reinvent and lead the belt category with innovative design and a fresh take on a tired old product. Arcade focuses on better materials and smarter design to create the ultimate go anywhere, do anything, always comfortable belt.

Abour rygr: rygr (pronounced rig-er) is a new media agency for today’s new media world. We partner with leading active lifestyle brands to orchestrate omnichannel product and brand campaigns. We excel in the gray zone between paid, earned and owned media. rygr is a Backbone Group company.