Tailwind Nutrition Announces New Caffeinated Flavors


Nutritional drink manufacturer, Tailwind Nutrition, announces the addition of two new caffeinated flavors to its widely embraced Endurance Fuel line of products. The two new flavors, Green Tea Buzz and Tropical Buzz, contain 35mg of caffeine per 100 calories just like Tailwind’s Caffeinated Raspberry Buzz. Founded by endurance athletes, Tailwind Nutrition is excited to offer these new flavors with caffeine, which has been proven to significantly enhance high-intensity and endurance performance.* 


Like Tailwind’s other endurance fuels, the new flavors are formulated to be used as a sole fuel source during exercise without having to supplement with gels, electrolyte pills or food. The nutritional drink mix provides rapid and sustained energy without upsetting an athletes’ stomach, replenishes electrolytes at the same proportion in which they are sweat out, and has a mild subtle flavor that is easy to drink all day.

As with all of Tailwind’s products, Green Tea Buzz and Tropical Buzz are gluten free, vegan, contain no soy or dairy and are completely made in the USA at their facility in Bayfield, Colorado.

“Tailwind Nutrition has always been driven by its customers, and with the success of our Caffeinated Raspberry Buzz more and more of our users were asking for additional caffeinated flavors. After extensive testing with our Tailwind community, we are thrilled to introduce these two new flavors ,” states Jennifer Vierling, Co-Founder of Tailwind Nutrition. “We also wanted to support our specialty retailers with the launch of these products by allowing them to sell the new flavors in their stores before they were available on our website.”

The new flavors are now available at local specialty retailers and will be available on www.tailwindnutrition.com starting February 2, 2016.

*A full discussion of caffeine and its performance benefits can be found in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition here.

About Tailwind Nutrition

Tailwind Nutrition was founded in Durango, CO by endurance athletes. Its product, Tailwind Endurance Fuel, is designed to be simple and complete, easy on the stomach, and tasty all day. It contains all the calories and electrolytes an athlete needs while exercising and has a clean, light flavor that tastes even better the longer you go. Hydration pack friendly and available in seven flavors, Tailwind Endurance Fuel is all natural and dairy, soy and gluten free. All you need, all day. Really. For more information visit www.tailwindnutrition.com.


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