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Robert Norman Sets New 24 Hour SUP World Record Using Tailwind Nutrition


Durango, CO – Florida resident, Robert Norman, set the record for most miles paddled in a 24-hour period on February 11, 2017. Norman, who has only been paddle boarding since 2014, broke the previous record by 12 miles with a total of 111.8 miles. To stay hydrated and awake throughout the 24 hours, Norman used Tailwind Nutrition’s caffeinated endurance drink mix.

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In addition to his SUP training, Norman is an assistant at a physical therapy center and teaches Tai-Chi and other fitness classes. After getting a SUP board in August 2014, Norman signed up for his first race, fell in love with it and started training for races after that. His fascination with beating the world record goes back to his childhood. When Norman was young, he would look at world records and know that he wanted to be one of those people who could do something that no one else could do. After researching the 24-hour paddle record, he knew he wanted to not only beat it, but to also make it such a large margin that it would be difficult for anyone else to beat it.


Nutrition played a big factor in Norman’s ability to successfully beat the 24-hour record. He used a combination of different drinks and food, but he used Tailwind Nutrition to get him through the night hours.

“Initially I had to gather collective information from other ultra-endurance athletes outside of SUP for research, and I looked to running bloggers who swear by Tailwind Nutrition. I decided to use it during my training and I was impressed,” states Norman. “I needed a product that was caffeinated, nourishing and provided hydration to help me through the twilight hours from 12:00 am to 6:00 am. The Raspberry Buzz mix worked so well for me that I'm going to use the non-caffeinated version for my other races this year. Most races are 1-2 hours long, but in our Florida heat, hydration is key to survival!”

The founders of Tailwind, endurance athletes themselves, have done serious research into the effects of caffeine on athletic performance. In addition to the central nervous boost that many are familiar with from a cup of coffee, research shows that caffeine mobilizes fatty acids in the bloodstream, which can be burned by muscles. This spares glycogen stores, resulting in greater endurance. The effects can be substantial, in the 15-20% greater endurance range.

Norman plans to continue training and if no one goes after his record, he may come back to beat it himself.

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