Amanda Coker Breaks Women’s HAM’R with Tailwind Nutrition at Her Back


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Durango, CO – 24-year-old ultracyclist, Amanda Coker, broke the women’s Highest Annual Cycling Mileage Record in just 130 days. Coker shattered Billie Flemming’s 1938 world record of 29,603.7 miles ridden in one year, 8 months ahead of schedule. She will continue riding 12 hours per day until May 2017. One of the secrets to her success? Tailwind Nutrition.

Coker averages 230 miles on her bike a day and often has riders join her for 100-200 miles at a time. Those that join her for these extended stints become members of her 100-mile club. She reflects, “Since I've started my HAM’R attempt I've realized that inspiration is contagious. So many people have approached us and said that what I do every day inspires them to push themselves. In turn, their accomplishments inspire me to keep pedaling every day.”


She typically consumes eight 20 oz. bottles of Tailwind during her rides each day, and enjoys sharing her love for the endurance fuel with fellow riders. After trying out other gels, bars and supplements, Coker landed on Tailwind Nutrition as the complete fuel [calories +electrolytes+hydration] to keep her going all day long without being overly sweet or irritating her stomach.

Coker enjoys Tailwind so much, she even gives up her daily cup of coffee and soda to use the caffeinated Tailwind flavors as her source of caffeine. Her favorite flavors are Green Tea Buzz and Raspberry Buzz, but she spends time on her bike brainstorming new Tailwind flavors. She thinks the Amanda HAM’R Pineapple Mango flavor could be a hit for the brand.

“We are extremely proud of Amanda’s accomplishment, and how she inspires so many people to pursue their own goals. Knowing that Tailwind Nutrition is her main source of fuel to keep her riding 10+ hours a day is incredibly heartwarming to our small team here in Durango,” Jenny Vierling, Co-Founder of Tailwind Nutrition states. “We are excited to watch Amanda over the next eight months and see where this journey takes her – and what the final mileage tally will be!”

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Tailwind Nutrition was founded in Durango, CO by endurance athletes. Its product, Tailwind Endurance Fuel, is designed to be simple and complete, easy on the stomach, and tasty all day. It contains all the calories and electrolytes an athlete needs while exercising and has a clean, light flavor that tastes even better the longer you go. Hydration pack friendly and available in seven flavors, Tailwind Endurance Fuel is all natural and dairy, soy and gluten free. All you need, all day. Really. For more information visit