Superfeet Introduces Plan to Bring 3D Printed Insoles to Market


Industry Leader Builds on Strategic Technology Partnerships

FERNDALE, Wash. (Sept. 28, 2016) -- Superfeet, the leading insole manufacturer for the active lifestyle and outdoor markets, announces the introduction of custom 3D printed insoles. With this introduction, Superfeet sets a new standard in 3D printed insoles, elevating their commitment to provide the best support to consumers around the world.

Superfeet built their brand by training staff at ski and footwear specialty retailers to understand the nuances of feet, giving retailers the knowledge and tools to create custom fit Superfeet insoles. Today, through a partnership with Jabil, an advanced concept innovation firm, and an investment in SafeSize, a digital 3D scanning technology platform, Superfeet removes the barriers to producing custom insoles; presenting an affordable, reliable and replicable method for brick and mortar and online retailers around the world.

“For 40 years we have set the standard for shape and fit. Until today the technology was not available to deliver 3D printed insoles that met Superfeet’s exacting standards,” said Eric Hayes, Vice President of Marketing and Product for Superfeet. “By working with world-class partners who are experts in 3D printing and scanning, and combining that with Superfeet’s expertise in shape; we now have a 3D printed solution that will exceed expectations.”

"3D Printing Technology opens powerful opportunities, Superfeet is leading the way in the insole category,” said John Dulchinos, VP, Global Automation and 3D Printing at Jabil. “It is a pleasure to support Superfeet's commitment to provide the best fit and function with unprecedented 3D design and process innovation."

Consumers will soon be able to get 3D printed insoles that deliver the benefits of the Superfeet shape, adapted to meet the unique needs of their feet. Superfeet plans to introduce their 3D printing program Spring 2017. 

Superfeet 3D Insoles


ABOUT SUPERFEET: Superfeet is the leader in innovative over-the counter insoles for the active lifestyle and outdoor industries. For over 40 years Superfeet has focused on bringing innovative products to the market by seeking new solutions to everyday problems. Today, Superfeet has enabled countless people across the globe to experience a life of new possibilities by changing the way their footwear fits and functions. As a 100% employee owned company, Superfeet is dedicated to improving lives, giving 1% of profits and employee time to organizations that help people get back on their feet. For more information, visit:

ABOUT JABIL: Jabil is a product solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, production and product management services to global electronic and technology companies. Offering complete product supply chain management from facilitates in 28 countries, Jabil provides comprehensive, individualized- focused solutions to customers in a broad range of industries. Jabil Common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol, “JBL.” For more information, visit:

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