Hot New Gear: Suunto's Elite t6c Heart Rate Monitor is Updated

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Ogden, UT—May 20, 2008—Suunto, a global leader in precision training instruments, has added new features to its premium heart-rate monitor, the Suunto t6c. The new t6c now has even more features to help committed and professional athletes take their conditioning to new levels.

The updated Suunto t6c comes in an all-black model, plus the Fusion model in black with red accents. In addition to its comprehensive physiological analysis on PC, the new version offers real-time Training Effect and EPOC to gauge athletes' personal aerobic improvement from each workout. The Suunto t6c is also compatible with all Suunto POD accessories, including the new Cadence POD and has a customizable screen layout for individual information needs. It also features the redesigned Suunto Comfort Belt.

The addition of real-time Training Effect and EPOC offers a big advantage to t6c users. On the original t6c, users had to download the information into their PC before they could access those numbers. Now that data is available at a glance. In addition to real-time Training Effect, TE value, and EPOC value, the Suunto t6c displays heart rate, energy consumption in calories, time and temperature, plus it includes an altimeter, thermometer and barometer. Users can easily personalize the display to show only the data they want to see during their workout. And multi-sport athletes can move easily from one screen mode to another as their workout needs change.

After the workout, exercise data can then be transferred to a PC for analysis with Suunto's easy-to-use Training Manager PC software. By combining EPOC data with the athlete's age, size and fitness level, the Training Manager PC program monitors their progress toward their training goals.

“For me, as a practicing physiologist and coach, Suunto t6c is an invaluable tool which brings laboratory accuracy to every training session my athletes do,” says Eddie Fletcher of Fletcher Sport Science, a leading a leading sports physiologist. “The principles of EPOC and training effect apply equally to professional athletes and active trainers. Suunto t6c is the most accurate and useful sports instrument currently on the market.”

By adding one of the Suunto POD accessories, users can view detailed performance reports on their own computer with the PC POD, plus monitor speed and distance in real time on their wristop via the PODs designed for their sport. Speed and distance data can be gathered by combining the Suunto t6c with the Suunto Foot POD, Bike POD, GPS POD, Cadence POD and PC POD accessories.

No heart rate belt looks, feels and performs better than Suunto's new Comfort Belt. Traction strips keep the belt in place during intense workouts, plus you can unclip the heart rate module and hand wash the fabric strap. This stylish and comfortable heart rate belt comes standard with the Suunto t6c, and is also available for athletes who want to upgrade their standard t-series heart rate monitor. The t6c features an ANT Interference-free Heart Rate Monitor. The ANT monitor not only measures your heart rate and EPOC, it sends the data via wireless technology to your Suunto wristop or your PC POD so that you can record and analyze your data with Suunto Training Manager PC software.

Suunto is a leading designer and manufacture of sports instruments for training, diving and outdoor sports. Prized for their design, accuracy and dependability, Suunto wristop computers combine the aesthetics and functionality of watches with sport-specific computers. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto employs more than 500 people worldwide and distributes its products to over 80 countries. The company is a subsidiary of Helsinki-based Amer Sports Corporation with sister brands Wilson, Atomic, Precor and Salomon.



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