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lululemon athletica Teams up with Numetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sport

The Numetrex heart rate sensing sports bra is the latest addition to lululemon athletica’s product line.

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lululemon athletica Teams up with Numetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra

August 4, 2006- (Wilmington, DE) – The Numetrex heart rate sensing sports bra is the latest addition to lululemon athletica's product line. The revolutionary Numetrex bra, which will hit lululemon stores in a few weeks, is the first consumer product introduced to the market by Textronics, a company at the forefront of innovative high tech “smart fabrics” and textile systems.

The highly advanced Numetrex sports bra features electronic sensors that are knit into the fabric. Instead of the tight and binding strap which is used in other heart rate monitoring systems, the Numetrex bra has a small transmitter which snaps into a pocket inside the bra's front band and sends readings to the user's watch, displaying the heart rate instantly. Consumer wear tests show an overwhelming preference for this new fit.

lululemon athletica, a yoga inspired athletic apparel company with the goal of providing products that help people live, longer healthier and more fun lives, has recently added a line of cycling and running wear for women on the go.

“The lululemon product team is committed to bringing the best technology to our customers and the addition of the Numetrex bra to our product line is an example of this,” says Deanne Schweitzer, lululemon athletica Product Manager. “We are excited about the opportunity to educate our customers on the benefits of wearing a heart rate monitor when exercising.”

Exercising in the appropriate target heart rate zone helps people to use the time they devote to their fitness routines efficiently in order to get the most effective workout possible.

“Women who practice yoga love the benefits: relaxation, flexibility and strong, toned bodies,” says Meg Burich, Marketing Director for Textronics. “Like yoga, cardio workouts such as running and biking provide stress relief but also help to improve aerobic capacity, promote heart and lung health and build endurance. Using a heart rate monitor to get feedback while working out is a great way to achieve overall fitness and well being.”

The Numetrex bra is made with quick drying nylon and LYCRA fabric and the seamless construction provides superior next to skin comfort. lululemon stores will offer exclusive color choices for the bra this fall including pink, navy and black in sizes S, M and L. The complete kit, which retails for $167 USD includes the bra, transmitter and watch. Visit for store locations.



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