New ePulse Heart Rate Monitor Offers Continual Strapless Monitoring

Armband monitor tracks heart rate and calories

LAS VEGAS -- Getting in shape and meeting fitness goals just got easier with the introduction of a revolutionary new product called the ePulse. The ePulse is the latest in fitness technology and will change the way people monitor their health by conveniently and accurately providing vital statistics such as heart rate, target exercise heart rate and caloric burn rate.
Forget uncomfortable chest belts and complicated heart rate monitors -- Impact Sports Technologies' revolutionary new strapless heart rate monitor is simply worn on the forearm and offers exercisers the ability to continuously see heart rate and calories burned based on personal data and actual heart rate. By using proprietary signal processing and microprocessor technology, the ePulse accurately gathers and displays an individual's heart rate and fitness data on a brightly lit LED screen, making it perfect for use day or night.
The ePulse allows full mobility of the hands for more active sports or even everyday activities. Also for the first time, walkers, yoga participants, tennis players and individuals just trying to count calories have a sensible means to monitor and receive instant feedback on fitness activities based on their heart rate.
Impact Sports Technologies has taken the lead in barrier-breaking fitness technology with the launch of the ePulse. Unlike other dynamic heart rate monitors that require a bulky chest belt and special watch to monitor vital signs, the ePulse, made of lightweight and breathable material provides personal fitness information directly from the forearm. Other strapless heart rate monitors currently on the market require you to place your fingers directly on a watch to receive only a heart rate snapshot. In contrast, the ePulse is the first true strapless fitness monitor that continuously and, based on third-party testing, accurately monitors heart rate during exercise.
"Because the ePulse is lightweight and does not have a chest strap it is an ideal choice for men and women wanting to comfortably and conveniently monitor their heart rate or calories burned," said Don Brady, Impact Sports President and CEO. "The ePulse now affords the benefit of accurate, continuous heart rate monitoring to a broad spectrum of people who exercise from home or at the gym. We like to think of it as the twenty-first century "Personal Fitness Assistant."
The ePulse sells for $129.95 and is available online at, through major Internet retailers and will be coming soon to retail stores.
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Impact Sports Technologies, Inc., with offices in Las Vegas and San Diego, is on the cutting edge of fitness technology, providing athletes and those simply interested in monitoring their personal health and fitness with products like the ePulse. For more information call 888 537 9763.
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