Sports Beat Launches Heart Rate Monitors For Dummies

Sports Beat Inc. has signed and exclusive licensing agreement to produce and distribute Heart Rate Monitors FOR DUMMIES

For Immediate Release

Deer Park, NY

Sports Beat Inc., the Deer Park, NY-based manufacturer and distributor of heart rate monitors and pedometers, and For Dummies®, a branded imprint of John Wiley & Sons, have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for a line of five products and instructional guides entitled, Heart Rate Monitor For DUMMIES™ and Heart Rate Monitor/Pedometer Watch for DUMMIES™. The launch is planned for August of this year.

“This is something very special,” says Lou Dionisio, President of Sports Beat Inc. “We've been manufacturing and distributing heart rate monitors and pedometers for better than 11 years now, but usually within the sporting goods market. We now have an opportunity, through the power of the For Dummies® brand, to market our goods through mass-merchandisers and specialty retailers, as well. That means the lay-person, the non-athlete, the dieter and the cardiac rehabilitation patient can now monitor their heart rates with a sophisticated instrument in a very simple format.”

“Heart Rate Monitor For DUMMIES™ will take all of the confusion out of using our heart rate monitors,” added Scott Margolin, Assistant Product Manager. They have written a manual for each model that explains the benefits, features and technology in a way that everyone can understand.”

Russell Baier, Vice President of Sports Beat Inc. is delighted that, “ the newest and most simple to use watches are every bit as accurate as monitors costing 5 times as much. They don't use the chest straps that most people find cumbersome, and they still give electrocardiogram (ECG) accuracy. Just place 2 fingers on the watch buttons and you have a read-out within about 4 seconds. It's that easy.”

Dionisio added, “We are breaking ground with this agreement. Monitoring your heart rate is a valuable tool for men, women and children of all ages. Whether they want to lose a few pounds, increase cardio-vascular fitness or train for a triathlon, the heart rate monitor is the key tool. We now bring the advanced technology to the masses with the help of the For Dummies® brand.”

The For Dummies name is a successful, world-wide leading brand. For Dummies is sold in 50 countries, has been translated into 39 languages, has sold over one hundred and fifty million copies of books and is currently in over sixty four million U.S. households. The power of the For Dummies brand is indisputable. Ali Della Penna, Licensing Manager for Wiley, says, “we saw this product as perfect fit for the brand. Everyone learns when they first enter a gym and receive their one hour complimentary personal training session that there is a target heart rate at which you should be working out at in order to burn fat more efficiently. The products available to consumers at the moment are really geared towards the professional and not towards the average person interested in losing weight and improving their cardio vascular fitness. The Heart Rate Monitor For Dummies is a way to make the training tool of athletes more accessible and easy to use and understand for the average consumer.”

Comprehensive websites have been established to support consumers and retailers. Please visit and for complete details. In addition, you may contact Sports Beat, via e-mail, at

For additional Information Contact: Ken Arstark
KIA Marketing and Promotion
147 Irma Drive – Suite 1a
Oceanside, NY 11572

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