Gobi Gear Introduces the SegSac- New Organizational Stuff Sack for Active Enthusiasts Available on Kickstarter


Gobi Gear Introduces the SegSac

New Organizational Stuff Sack for Active Enthusiasts Available on Kickstarter


BEND, OR (November 5, 2015) --- Committed to designing functional adventure gear, Gobi Gear introduces the SegSac, an organizational stuff sack designed to make on-the-go lifestyles easier. The SegSac is organized adventure in a bag and is available on Kickstarter until November 11th. Support the brand that vows to organize active outdoor gear (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gobigear/segsac-elevate-the-way-you-pack).

“We are active enthusiasts and travelers and understand the hassle of disorganized gear,” said Chezzie Brungraber. “A disorganized backpack can cost you precious time on the trail; time you could have spent hiking another mile or pitching your tent before sundown. Those who enjoy an active lifestyle know the value of making the most of their time outdoors. No more mess in the bottom of your bag and missing the sunset.”

The SegSac is an organizational stuff-sack that fits inside any backpack or duffel bag, allowing travelers and hikers to find what they need quickly. Whether trekking in the mountains or hostel hopping, the SegSac will keep enthusiasts organized throughout the entire journey. The SegSac is ultralight, incredibly durable, and folds to the size of a dollar when not in use. With just four compartments, it’s easy to keep track of gear. 

Continued Brungraber, “The benefits of the SegSac are more than about saving time. It’s also stress-relieving. By being more organized with the SegSac, you are able to pack quickly and efficiently, allowing you to spend more time adventuring.”

About Gobi Gear

Gobi Gear is a functional adventure gear brand dedicated to making travel and outdoor pursuits more efficient. Founded by an outdoor adventurist who was tired of the chaos in her backpack, the brand was born just before her first trip to Nepal. She wanted organization and the ability to compress all of her essential gear just like she would a sleeping bag. Two months later, Gobi Gear designed its first prototype of an organization stuff sack with the sole purpose of making adventure more convenient. Adventure is now organized thanks to Gobi Gear. Socialize with Gobi Gear @gobigear on Facebook and Instagram. www.gobigear.com. Kickstarter for SegSac: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gobigear/segsac-elevate-the-way-you-pack