For Immediate Release: Mercedes Ross Adds a Visual Merchandising class to The Mann Group’s March 2015 Mann University

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March 4, 2015

 Asheville, NC –The Mann Group is pleased to announce that Mercedes Ross from Merchandising Werxs will be an adjunct professor at Mann University’s March session.. Mercedes has over 20 years of Visual Merchandising experience in the motorcycle industry and bike industry - she will bring high-value content which perfectly complements the Mann U curriculum.

 The Mann Group has designed a unique and innovative approach to specialty retail leadership training. Mann University, a 3 day course in Asheville, NC, is filled with compelling insights on specialty retail leadership, retail tactics, retail profitability, and is augmented with small group interactions using a proprietary ORBT training methodology … proven to be the most effective approach to changing adult behavior. 

 Mercedes Ross will be adding to this curriculum with Creating Merchandising Guidelines. Mann University is collaborating with a local specialty retail store to be a lab for this one of a kind course in creating merchandising guidelines. Mercedes will spend time in the selected store with the students and then deliver a class covering the guideline to Visual Merchandising.

Dan Mann, President of The Mann Group “We are very excited to have Mercedes as a professor at Mann University. Mercedes’ history in specialty retail in regards to visual merchandising is invaluable to Owners, Managers and Visual Merchandisers.”

Mercedes Ross, “You don't have to do a whole remodel, sometimes you only have to make small adjustments to increase sales. It's where and how you put things that matters! I am so excited to teach this to the students at Mann University.

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About Merchandising Werx

Mercedes has taken 25 years of merchandising experience and created a consulting firm that has made an impact in the bicycle, ski, outdoor, and motorcycle industries. Through Merchandising Werx , she is presently consulting with large manufacturers, giving seminars at national trade shows and being published in numerous industry magazines.