The aisles were rocking on Day 1 of Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020. Here’s just some of what went down.

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  • Some hard truths: The latest Outdoor Participation Report from the Outdoor Foundation released today highlighted a decline in outdoor participation from last year. According to the study, just under half of the US population did not participate in any outdoor recreation in 2018 and Americans went on roughly 1 billion fewer outdoor adventures in 2018 than they did 10 years earlier in 2008. Kids specifically went on 15 percent fewer outings in 2018 than 2012. It also showed that 63 percent of Americans stuck within 10 miles of home for their outings, which Lise Aangeenbrug, executive director at Outdoor Foundation, linked to the downturn: “Unfortunately, the barriers to getting outside are greater for Americans living in cities or in areas with fewer transportation options.” The report is helping steer OIA and OF’s focus on underserved communities.
Seirus wins in court against industry giant Columbia.

Seirus wins in court against industry giant Columbia.

  • Seirus scores a win against Columbia on patent war: After a 13-day trial, a Federal Court threw out a $3 million lower court judgement against Seirus for allegedly infringing on patents for Columbia’s OmniHeat reflective lining, sending it back to a lower court. “When a small company like ours goes up against an industry giant and prevails, it’s not only gratifying, it reinforces that a fair, competitive business environment can and should exist,” stated Michael Carey, President and CEO of Seirus Innovation. However, a new trial in District Court will reexamine the issue.
  • New leadership at AIM: Active Interest Media’s Mountain Group (which includes SKI Magazine, Warren Miller Entertainment, and the Fly Fishing Film Tour), has new leadership. Fiachra 'Fig' Stokes, a 16 year veteran of Warren Miller, will become the group’s general manager. Josh Haskins, Ginna Larson, and Jessica McGee will also become Managing Directors.
  • Jeremy Jones is powered by pistachios: The professional snowboarder stopped by a plastic-free happy hour at the Jones Snowboards booth today, sponsored by the American Pistachio Growers. The pistachio ambassador spoke about the nuts’ importance to his backcountry adventures. Stop by to much some nuts with Jones throughout the show at #36155-UL.
  • Trees for travel: When the 8-person team from Tentree flew from Vancouver to Denver earlier this week, their travel gave off more than 8 tons of carbon dioxide—They didn’t like that. So to make up for it, the brand plans to plant more than 650 trees to neutralize the company’s entire carbon emissions within the year. Interested in getting in on the emissions-offsetting action? They’re giving away 300 blue spruce saplings this week for visitors at the brand’s booth (#VO201-SL).
  • Happy anniversary, Mystery Ranch: Uniqueness takes time, but in 20 years, pack company Mystery Ranch has mastered it. Today, the brand celebrated two decades in the biz with a happy hour at its booth.
  • CBD, it’s so hot right now: Want to join the trend? Check out the CBD + Wellness area out the back of the Upper Level for brands and speakers. Today legal experts and business owners explained how to operate a CBD business without running afoul of the law and the FDA.
  • Burkard buzz at Black Diamond: The line snaking through the giant Black Diamond booth out into the aisle this afternoon led to adventure photographer Chris Burkard signing copies of his book At Glacier's End, a visual look at Iceland’s glacial rivers.
  • A new look for Venture Out: Outdoor Retailer revamped the popular emerging brand and community corner of the show (lower level) with an eye toward sustainable booth design. The result? Lots of metal mesh, oak and douglas fir. We dig it.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: Where did my down come from? ALLIED Feather and Down now has a new tool to get to the bottom of that: the Optix Smart Mirror. Aside from showing customers how good they look in a jacket, the mirror reads a signature on the down to offer a display of the down’s history, giving transparency to the ethics and sustainability of the feathers. The mirrors will eventually be in stores, but for now, you can check one out in the Innovation Gallery.

Look for our complete show recap next week.