Ultimate Direction branding evolves for 2014 with new logo, color palette, and imagery


Industry leading, next generation hydration solutions complemented with new brand look and feel

UD Logo- 2014

BOULDER, COLO. (For Immediate Release) –Ultimate Direction is revising the brand’s look and feel for 2014 with the introduction of a new logo, color palette, and supporting imagery. With next generation products that include the award-winning Signature Series hydration vests, Ultimate Direction’s new branding will better complement current and upcoming collections.

A bold, blue colorway will highlight a revised logo and updated imagery to give Ultimate Direction’s cutting-edge products a progressive look at retail and in the field. In-store displays and other promotional materials featuring the new logo and color will also benefit from updated black and white photography. The result is a perfect blend of modern, minimalist aesthetic and industry-leading product that helps to tell the overall Ultimate Direction story.

“The Ultimate Direction color and logo have been the same for decades,” said Buzz Burrell, Brand Manager for Ultimate Direction. “With the wide variety of new and innovative product we have in the pipeline for 2014 and beyond, we needed to update our look and feel on individual products and at retail to help us better highlight our gear and tell the Ultimate Direction story.”

The new logo and color will first appear on Ultimate Direction’s 2014 Runners and Jenny Collection, available at retail in January. All new product will include the logo, color, and imagery on hangtags, in-store displays, and other supporting collateral.

Ultimate Direction is a true leader in athlete hydration, having created the entire hydration pack category in 1985. Since then, runners, hikers, climbers, and cyclists all over the world have relied upon a backpack, waist belt, or handheld bottle to stay hydrated and Ultimate Direction has been there every step of the way. Ultimate Direction’s market leadership continues today with their athlete-designed Signature Series Vests and Jurek Collection, setting a new standard with cutting-edge materials, design, and style. www.ultimatedirection.com